What I Got For Christmas 2019

I was definitely spoilt over Christmas and I managed to get quite a few geeky presents along with a few presents that are going to be beneficial for me with getting organised in terms of blogging since I seriously neglected this blog last year but more on that in a new post in the next few days. So here are those geeky items I received for Christmas.

I started collecting Funko Pops a few year ago and have a pretty decent collection so far but I was missing one of my favourite Disney characters, Buzz Lightyear. My grandparents got me him for Christmas so my little Toy Story collection is now growing, I just need to find a space for him now.
My grandparents also got me the Detective Pikachu DVD, I really wanted to watch this when it came out at the cinema but unfortunately we didn't have the time so now I can't wait to get nice and comfortable at home and finally watch this.

Towards the end of 2019 I became hooked on the Descendants, the Disney film is absolutely brilliant but I missed the 3rd as we didn't have the Disney Channel. Liam surprised me with the full collection for Christmas so now I can watch 1,2 & 3 whenever I like. I think a Descendants marathon may be happening soon. Liam also got me the rose gold Dualshock PS4 controller, which means I no longer have to use the boring black controller I have had since 2014. It also means that if I want to play a game with Liam or anyone who come around to ours I now can as we finally have 2 controllers.

One thing I was in need of was some comfy pyjamas that could also double up as clothing for me to lounge in whilst gaming as I am hoping that in 2020 I spend a lot more time in the games room working on the backlog. My parents got me these Call of Duty pyjamas and they tick all the boxes, they are comfortable & warm so these will definitely be worn for plenty of gaming sessions.

 2019 I a year where I spent a lot of my time blogging on my other 2 blogs / getting ideas down for this blog. So my parents got me this to do notepad which is going to be great for me becoming more organised this year and actually keeping on top of things for a change. My auntie and uncle also got me a set of Toy Story notebooks which are nice and small so will be great to slot in my backpack for if any ideas come up whilst I am on the go, they will also be handy for any football matches I want to report on or events I go to.  They also got me this cute little dinosaur pen which is going to take pride of place on my desk. I am determined that this year I am going to be a lot more organised and get a lot more content done over the 3 blogs so fingers crossed these few items can help me stay organised and on top of things.

This is a present I actually bought myself, one of my other blogs is a fashion one so I really wanted to improve the quality of my images. That is why I picked up the Canon EOS 4000D, but it won't just be used for that blog it also means I may be able to get creative with things for this blog too, especially if I can get these ideas rolling. I got 2 lenses with this too & I think you may be seeing a review of this camera on here soon.

My parents got me and my sister an Apple watch each which to be honest I couldn't really believe. This was set up as soon as I got home on Christmas day and I am loving it. With one of my goals for this year being to lose weight this could really come in handy too as it has the activity app on it. But I won't say too much about the watch now as I plan on doing a review on it once I have had plenty of time with it.

I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and I am looking forward to adding more content to this blog throughout 2020.

See you soon

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