Board game wish list

If you have read this blog over the past few weeks you will see I posted about our current board game collection. Well I want to grow that collection through 2020 as I am hoping me and Liam can have quite a few board game nights. We don't want to be playing the same thing over and over again so here is what I am hoping to pick up...

I don't actually remember how I discovered this game, I think there is a huge possibility that I discovered it through a YouTube video but I have been on the look out for it for a while now. I just can never seem to find it in any of our local shops so I may have to bite the bullet and order it online. A few people on Twitter suggested this game too. 

Another game I discovered through YouTube and another game I have struggled to find. As soon as I saw this I knew it would possibly be a game we both enjoyed so fingeres crossed we can find it soon. It is a tile based game which I really want to try out for a change. 

Santorini is a game I have picked up in a shop before but then put back thinking I didn't need it... now that I do want it surprise, surprise I can't find it. This is one of the games I will definitely be on the look out for in the very near future as I think it could have the making of becoming one of our favourites. 

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Disney fan. So how I hadn't actually heard about Villainous was beyond me, this was actually recommended to me by plenty of fantastic accounts across my social media channels. The villains are possibly one of the greatest thing about Disney so I will definitely be trying to hunt this down. Of course if I get the game I will also be picking up the Wicked to the Core expansion pack, surely the more components to the game the better. 

Minecraft is one of my favourite games, in fact I have featured it on this blog quite a few times in the past but I never knew they had a board/card game. Now that I do know (again thanks to Twitter) I will be on the look out for this when I go shopping and will pick up a copy. If it is half as fun as the video game it will be fantastic. 

Finally we have Pandemic, this is last due to the fact I am sure Liam left this at his mums when we moved so we may already have this in our collection after all. I know either way I haven't played this yet but I really want to as it looks really fun and like a game that me and Liam would love to sit and play together.

I am really hoping that we can get some of these games and get into a routine of having a games night possibly once a week as it would be great fun for us both, although it could get a little competitive for sure. Have you ever played any of these games? 

See you soon

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