What I Have Been Watching #1

So something I thought I would start doing on the blog is doing a round up every few weeks of what I have been watching whether it is a film or a TV show I have completed. As I am stuck in the house a lot more now I have realised I am definitely a lot more films than previously so who knows by me doing this post you might end up with some films to watch for yourself...

Here is what I have watched lately...

High School Musical 1,2&3

Disney+ has been a lifesaver in this lockdown and I am getting the chance to relive my childhood by watching some classic Disney films. First up I had to watch High School Musical as I absolutely love these films, I was just planning on watching the first one but then I ended up watching 1&2 in one night followed by the 3rd the night after.I don't think these films will ever get old for me.

Simpsons Movie

Another movie I have loved for years is the Simpsons Movie, again it is a film that just doesn't get old. Me and Liam have decided to write a few film titles down that we want to watch, put them in a mug and do a lucky dip for what we are going to watch that night, luckily mine was picked and we got to watch the Simpsons Movie. I love how you can sit and watch it knowing full well what is going to happen but still chuckle at it. I think even Liam enjoyed re-watching it.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Nearly all the films I have watched recently have been on Disney+ just due to the variety on there. Liam put the Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl on for us whilst we had breakfast one day and I forgot just how much I enjoyed the film, I think I will now be going through and watching the full series again. This was a firm favourite film if mine when I was younger and I really remembered why when I watched it the other day.

Extremely wicked, Shockingly evil & vile

Another film Liam just randomly put on was Extremely wicked, Shockingly evil and vile, which is the Ted Bundy film. To be honest I wasn't impressed, in fact I was getting quite bored as there just wasn't much going on. I really did think there would be more action in it but how wrong was I.

So there you have it those are the films I have watched recently. There are no TV series on the list just yet as I will be writing about them as I complete them but honestly I haven't watched any lately as I seem to be opting for films.

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