April 2020 Favourites

So we are already in May, I thought with this whole lockdown situation that April would feel like it was taking forever but it flew by. Spending all day everyday at home definitely had its perks and here are some of my favourite things from being stuck at home...

Film & TV

Peaky blinders
I have become obsessed with Peaky Blinders throughout April, in fact it is all that I have watched. I love the whole concept of the show and everyone in it is fantastic. I am just wondering why it took me so long to watch it. 


Garden playlist
The weather has been gorgeous even though no one can go anywhere, but at least we are fortunate to have a garden we can enjoy, I created a garden playlist which has also been used for just lounging around the house. It has so classic songs you will never forget the lyrics too and some of the latest songs out there, it is the perfect playlist to listen to.


Gaming PC
The gaming PC is probably sick of being used, it has gone from being switched on every couple of days to being in use everyday. Granted it hasn't been used for gaming very often but it has helped me a lot as it is what I am blogging from. I am loving that I have the 2 monitors for the PC too as it means I can watch my favourite YouTuber's or Twitch streamers whilst I blog away. 

Anker phone charger
I am absolutely loving my Anker phone charger, it is on my desk next to one of my monitors and the best part about it is that it is a charger that props my phone up so I can see everything such as notifications coming through and see if they are important and need urgent attention or not. I have been managing to keep in touch with more people on Twitter thanks to this too as I see the responses as they come in.


Call of Duty
I was debating whether to put this in as a favourite or not because WOW it has been so stressful. First up it took forever to install then I got close to the end of a mission and it bugged out taking me right back to the start of that mission. But for what I have been playing I have loved it but more on that in another post.

Nintendo switch 

I have been loving playing on the Switch as it gives me an option to game even if I don't want to sit in the games room. I have to admit I am loving just laying in bed playing on the console it really does make for the perfect lazy day.

The PS4 seems to have become my go to console throughout April and I can see it becoming this for a while. I have been loving playing FIFA & Call of Duty on it and Liam has been playing a fair few games on it too, I honestly didn't think it would still be standing all these years later as the PS4 we have is the original 500GB one.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of April. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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