Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 (PS4)

Lately I don't often get chance to sit and roll the credits on a game due to just been busy working on other things in fact the last game I managed this with was Detroit : Become Human which you can read about here. However, with this lockdown I decided it was time I tried to tackle one of the games in my backlog... Call of Duty Modern Warfare. In the game you are working against terrorists to retrieve stolen gas whilst trying to stop the world going to war. What I love about this game is that you are teaming up with the rebels to help them with their agenda against the Russians who have invaded their country. 

I have to admit I dragged out this play through just because it took me so long to install the game thanks to it's massive download size and the fact it constantly seemed to need an update. 

Call of Duty is a franchise where I have never actually bothered to complete a campaign on, I would always start but then just move onto something else and forget about it but this one seemed to grip me and I just wanted to get to the end to see what was going to happen as the different perspectives of characters helps create twists and really held my interest. Although I think I preferred it when I was playing as Alex.

As I say I dragged the campaign out a bit but if you really wanted to I bet you could roll the credits in 5-6 hours. Another reason it took me a little longer to complete due to it bugging out and not letting me do anything during the embassy mission, but after a quick google it seems this is a common issue so just beware of that if you do play this yourself. I then ran into another issue later on in the game during the captive mission, whenever I went near a specific door the game would start lagging and eventually crash. For the issue in the embassy all I did was restart the mission (I really didn't want to) and that seemed to fix the issue, however with the captive issue I just had to persevere with it as I just couldn't get it fixed, once you are away from that door though everything is fine. Even loading the game up at times went quite quickly on occasions which I aren't used to these days as my PS4 seems to take ages with FIFA.

One thing I loved about this game is that it is set in the same time frame as it was released so it is very up to date and I don't know why but I prefer this to when games are too futuristic or way back in time, it is quite strange though seeing a modern Piccadilly with the events that occur in the game.

 As well as the actual game play capturing your attention I found that I actually enjoyed sitting and watching all the cut scenes too. Normally I would skip a cut scene or sit and scroll through my phone but with this game I was genuinely interested in watching them and paying attention so I didn't miss any of the story.

In terms of ease of the game it was very enjoyable but I did start getting annoyed in certain aspects, like when I had to be sniper, the controller was handed to Liam after 5 tries from me as I just really don't like sniping but luckily there weren't too many instances of this. I did struggle at certain parts due to the darkness of the setting too, no matter what I tried I just couldn't get my eyes to adjust so I really struggled and Liam again had to help me through those bits just so I could see and wasn't straining my eyes too much. As with all Call of Duty games I had to alter the sensitivity of the aim and movement as the preset one is just too much for me but I love how you can still change it on these games as some games I have played recently don't give you the option to change it.

 Other than some settings looking a little bit darker than I would like on the screen the graphics and details in the game are brilliant. As for the sound in the game I preferred to play whilst wearing my headset as sometimes I couldn't hear the instructions given to me over the gunshots and I didn't really want to alter any sound settings, so I threw on my headset and everything just sounded a lot better, I could hear the voices much clearer and could hear the shots better too. I don't know whether that is just because of the headset blocking out any background noise or if it was just psychological but it did make game play much easier for me so I think I might have to wear my headset more often.

Overall I really enjoyed this game and I am so glad I stuck with the long download time and carried on regardless of any slight snags in the game as it is a truly enjoyable game. If you are into shooters and haven't played this yet I would definitely recommend it. As for the replay value who knows in the future I might go back to the game to try get some more trophies but right now I aren't too bothered about them I just want to work on my backlog. 

Publisher : Activision
Developer : Infinity Ward
Available ON : PC, Xbox One, PS4

So that is game number 1 in the backlog complete, keep an eye on here over the next few weeks as there is going to be plenty more content coming every Tuesday & Thursday.

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