Journey 1st Impressions (PS4)

I had heard so many good things about Journey however, I didn't know if the game was really for me or not. But with it being one of the free games for April through PlayStation plus and their play at home initiative I thought I might as well download the game and give it ago.

I like to be given instructions and objectives throughout the game and especially at the beginning so I have some clue of that I am meant to be doing however, with this game you get none of that. You are in the desert and all that is given an image of the controller and are shown that if you tilt the controller you can see around you, this is great and not something you see too often but it didn't help me at all as I didn't understand what I was meant to do.

This game is meant to be immersive as I have seen from many people online but for me it just didn't do anything other than annoy me that I didn't know what was meant to be happening or how I was meant to progress in the game. It is only a short play through but I ended up switching back to FIFA as I just lost all interest of wandering around aimlessly.

I did enjoy the simplicity of the games visuals though just you and the desert with a few buildings that had pretty good graphics and the music was definitely nice and relaxing for a Saturday morning gaming session nothing to simulating as I hadn't been awake for too long.

I might head back to the game in the future but for now it is back to ticking off games in the backlog for me.

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