iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing

If you read my upgrade options post you will know that it was time to move away from the iPhone 8 and pick something new. I honestly wasn't sure which phone to go for but with me getting my Apple Watch for Christmas I wanted to stay with the iPhone, so the biggest choice was the did I just get the 11 pro or the 11 pro? One of the things I wanted from my phone was a quality camera so that I had that quality there for blog pictures and Instagram if I didn't want to carry my DSLR with me. So of course I picked up the iPhone 11 pro & here is the unboxing of the phone. 

So as soon as you lift the lid on the box you see the back of the iPhone and it looks brilliant. I love how the 3 cameras look in the top corner of the the phone and I am hoping these really help improve my image quality. I love the space grey colour on Apple products too so of course that is what I went for again. 

So once you take the phone out of the box you see the usual instructions, which of course include the usual stickers. I think this is first time since my first iPhone that I have had to actually take a look at the instructions because I wanted to know how to do different functions now the home button has gone. 

Underneath the instructions you have the earpods with lightening connector which always come in handy if I can't find my other earphones. It also luckily comes with a USB-C power adapter which is brilliant as I don't have any of these yet due to not owning anything else USB-C.

If you take out the earpods you also have a USB-C to lightening cable which again comes in very handy as you can never have too many cables for charging and transferring data with the iPhone as they never seem to last very long for me so it is always great to have back ups. 

I was actually quite surprised with how thin this phone felt in hand without a case but what surprised me the most is the weight I definitely find it on the heavier side. 

I love the look of the phone without the home button and the actually screen being bigger but the lack of a home button after all these years for me is definitely going to take some getting used to. 

Keep your eye on the blog as in a few months I will be doing a post all about my experience with the phone so far. Do you have the iPhone 11? What do you think to it?

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