2 years with the iPhone 8

So as we head towards July we come up to 2 years of me having my iPhone 8. When I picked this phone out my family laughed asking why I would ever want to return to an iPhone after using Sony & Samsung phones for numerous years. In the end me and my sister both just said we wanted the iPhone and weren't bothered about what others said and do you know what... I am so glad I did get this phone. 

You often here of the iPhone suffering battery issues when it had been used for a while but coming up to 2 years later it still holds it's battery, often I could go from work to my grandparents then the gym and have no issues with battery draining. Plus with the addition of the wireless charging if the phone did need a quick boost it was super easy, I could just have a wireless charger on my desk ready and waiting. 

I think this is also the first phone in ages that has managed to withstand me constantly dropping it, granted I haven't dropped it half as many time as I did my previous Sony time but I still have dropped it more than I should. 2 years later there are no cracks or scratches on the phone which I have to thank my Incase phone case for as thanks to the case coming over the edge of my screen a little adding some extra protection which was definitely needed.

With my previous iPhone (the 5C) when it required an update I always ended up having issues for some time after each update however, with the 8 things were much better, I had no software issues at all which amazed me, it was nice plain sailing using my phone after an update, I aren't sure if I was just lucky or if Apple have genuinely improved the quality and reliability of the updates they roll out. 

In terms of the camera this is what amazed me most, for uploading to Instagram and other social media posts this has been perfect. I get better quality pictures on my Instagram than I do on my DSLR due to Instagram seemingly adjusting the quality. So for me and my blogging and having the social media alongside of this the camera is important and it hasn't let me down, the only issue I have had is after my nephew messed around with my phone and seemed to alter some settings but it was an easy fix and went straight back to normal.

The iPhone 8 definitely brought back my love for Apple products as I had a great experience with it so keep your eye on the blog in the future as there may be more Apple related products on here in the future. As I am writing this post though I have actually started using my new phone as I recently upgraded, you can read about my options here, but check back next week and you will see which phone I picked. 

Have you had the iPhone 8? What were your thoughts on it?

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