Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P (PS4)

When both me and Liam are in the games room it can definitely be noisy, with the sound of his keyboard & sometimes the game he is playing when he doesn't have his headset on plus the sound coming from whatever I am currently playing on the PS4, so it can be a bit distracting and I can easily miss directions in a game or just end up watching whatever he is watching. That is why I have started wearing my headset when playing on the PS4.

My current headset for the PS4 is the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50P, I purchased this one as I use the 50X for my Xbox (which you can read about here) just like the 50X the main reason I picked this up was because it was cheap in price and I didn't think I would end up wearing it that often so it was definitely good value. As I don't play online I don't even have the microphone attached which I am glad about as it is definitely on the big and bulky side. I am glad you get the option to detach the microphone if you want as I wouldn't wear the headset if it was just in my way all the time. 

When I first put the headset on for a gaming session it does initially feel lightweight however, after around half an hour you can really tell it is there and it begins to feel heavy on your head. The actual headband has barely any padding on it therefore it does get uncomfortable quickly as you can just feel the plastic on your head.

Similarly to the headband not being very padded for me the actual ear cups don't provide much comfort either as they may look like they are quite padded but unfortunately when wearing them the don't feel very padded at all. The ear cups are a bit of a strange shape too, I definitely prefer round ear cups but these are a bit of an egg shape and cover much more space than they should, they don't just sit over my ears they sit over half the side of my head which depending on your preference you may or may not like.

One of the plus sides about this headset though is the durability of it. This headset has definitely taken a beating over the years, from being stood on & sat on to being packed in a small box when we moved it has actually held it's shape and hasn't snapped yet which has definitely surprised me.

As for the sound this headset has definitely helped block out the sound of Liam's computer quite a bit however, they aren't fully noise cancelling so I can still hear him talking to me and his computer's sound a fair bit, when it comes to purchasing a new headset I will definitely be looking for something a lot more noise cancelling. It has helped me in terms of gaming though, if you have read my Modern Warfare review you will have seen that wearing this headset helped me hear instructions a little better so there is definitely some decent sound quality provided by the headset. It is really easy to control the volume of the headset too along with it you want the microphone on or not, you just have to use the little controller half way down the wire to control these. Scroll up or down with the side to control the volume or use the little switch in the centre to activate or deactivate the microphone.

If you are looking for a budget headset then I would recommend picking up this headset however, if you are looking for comfort & something you can wear for long periods of time then I would recommend looking for a different option which is what I am going to be looking for over the next few months. What headset for the PS4 are you currently using?

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