Inside Xbox 7th May 2020 - What Will I Be Picking Up?

The 7th of May saw Xbox's latest Inside Xbox show which was apparently to show what is in store from some of the 3rd party developers that will be putting their games on Xbox. This Inside Xbox was apparently to show off game play trailers, but to be honest I was left a little disappointed with what was shown as it was just like any other trailer you would see before a games release. However there was definitely a fair few games shown, some I aren't too sure about and a few I will definitely be buying.

So before we saw any trailers we heard how the Xbox Game Studios are doing everything in their power to work safely and keep moving forward towards unveiling game play from the Xbox Game Studio's starting in July, which I am really looking forward to.

The latest reveal though on the 7th featured optimised for series x trailers and also an explanation on the smart delivery which is going to be available for certain games. Smart delivery is where you buy a game once and get the best version on whatever Xbox you play on for no additional cost which I think is fantastic if the game comes out before the Series X or if you are holding off buying the Series X for a while.

So here are the games we saw at the reveal...

Bright Memory Infinite
This game gave me Titanfall vibes and looked really good. What really amazed me is that this game was created by just one person which for how good it looks is absolutely amazing. I think I will be on the look out for more information about this game with a view to picking this up.

Dirt 5
Dirt 5 is going to be available with smart delivery, although the game does look quite good and is set in different environments with different style of cars and buggies I think I might be passing on this one as it is a racing game and I just can't get into them. If you do like this sort of game though it looks like you might be in for a treat.

Scorn is going to be available on the Game Pass, the trailer of this game gave me vibes of Alien and looked very strange. I will be looking into this more before its release to see if I will be picking it up as I don't have a right good history of these types of games if it is even the slightest bit scary.

Chorus Rise As One
Another game that is going to be available with smart delivery, This space sim is very futuristic looking and you take on the role of Nara and her quest for redemption. I don't know about this one to be honest and maybe if it eventually drops to a cheap price I might pick it up but just like driving I aren't really god at games that involve flying.

Madden 21
I haven't had a Madden game in years but my love for the NFL has grown quite a lot lately so I think this might be the year I pick up a copy once again. Let's just hope the game play is as good as the trailer.

Vampire The Masquerade : Bloodlines 2
Again this games is available with smart delivery, but I aren't 100% sure about it. Maybe I will have to give the original game a play through first to see what I think after playing that. The trailer looked really good but I need to give the first one a go first I think.

Call Of Sea
Another one available through smart delivery but this one looks really interesting and I think it might be one I definitely pick up, out of all the reveals I think this was one of the best and just from what I saw I want to purchase the game.

The Ascent
With a variety of mutant looking characters this game looks like one for me to keep my eye on. For the very small trailer we got from Inside Xbox I already want to know more so who knows you might be seeing more about this game on the blog in the future. Again this is available with smart delivery.

The Medium
Coming to the Game Pass is The Medium, a psychological horror game coming to the Xbox Series X. Now if you like horror games this game looks like it will be right up your street but for me it is going to be a definite pass as it gave me Until Dawn vibes with the horror.

Scarlet Nexus
Another one available on smart delivery, this Bandi Namco game looks quite fun from what I have seen so far. There were an interesting variety of characters shown in the trailer which makes me want to buy the game that little bit more. This is another game I will be keeping a very close eye on.

Second Extinction : Reclaim Earth
Evil mutant dinosaurs have taken over earth and you and your team need to try reclaim it. This 3 player co-op FPS looks fantastic, maybe if I can find some friends that play this game with I will pick it up as it looks brilliant, I really do need to start playing some games with others in the future instead of sticking to single player games and this might be the way to start.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon
Another one available with smart delivery. Yakuza: like a dragon looks like it is a game any fan of the franchise will be picking up however, as some one who hasn't played any of the Yakuza games before it has made me want to give the game series a go when I get the chance. This might be a game I pick up when it drops in price.

Assassins Creed Valhalla
The main reason I watched this Inside Xbox is so that I could see the game play trailer for Assassins Creed Valhalla and I was a little bit disappointed with what we saw to be honest, it was more of a motion trailer than a game play trailer. Again this game is available with smart delivery which is fantastic if you want to play the game without getting a new console just yet. With the rumours earlier in the day of this game not being as big as the previous few my interest was definitely gained, and after seeing what was to offer by watching Inside Xbox I am sold on the idea even more. With new features and dual wielding this game should be great. There is apparently a fresh take on progression, reinvented combat and fast loading as you take on the role of Eivor a viking raider travelling from Norway to England a hostile place where you can go raiding, battling, gain alliances and make choices to live a Viking life.

This Inside Xbox provided us with a sneak peak of what is to come from some of the 3rd party developers and it wasn't too bad but I am looking forward to what is to come from Xbox especially if all goes to plan and we see the what the Xbox owned studios are coming out with in the July Inside Xbox. This really was only the beginning and I am exited to see what is coming up for both the next gen consoles... come on Sony we are ready for more PS5 information now.

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