What Is In My Desk Drawer

When we moved into this house, over 2 years ago now, I picked out the Ikea Micke desk for my PC set up in the games room. One of the main reasons for this was because it has 2 drawers for me to store anything I need to. For around the first year these drawers were just full of junk, scraps of paper and just generally things that I didn't need. But now I have sorted through these drawers to make them a lot more organised and I have found that doing this has also increased my productivity as I have everything that I need easy to access. So here is what I have in my drawers...

In the smaller drawer I keep all my stationary bits and things I may reach for a bit more often. This drawers is easier to access as I aren't sat in front of it so it is easy to just pull out get what I need then put it back once I am done with it.

So in the small drawer I have a lot of pens and pencils and even a ruler ready to just pick out as with my using this desk as an area for blogging it is really handy to have these accessible. I always have a pen and notepad by my side on my desk but you never know when you are going to need a new pen, different colour or highlighter.

Next to my stationary I have a Star Wars tin where I keep an instruction manuals I might need and any old cables that might come in handy someday. It is nice having a place for all these so they aren't just scattered around looking a mess, at least now they are all tucked away.

I also have a stupid amount of sticky notes, I guess you never know when you might need one but there are far too many in this drawer. I tend to only use these as reference markers or when I need to leave myself a little reminder.

Following on with more stationary I never use but have just in case I have 2 tubs of push pins & paper clips which no doubt will come in handy one day along with 2 rolls of sellotape again I don't know why I have these but I guess one day I might need them. 

Now onto the things that I do need, in this drawer I keep my small knife for if anything needs unboxing along with some spare blades. I also have a stash of AA batteries as the Xbox definitely goes through plenty of these for the controllers.

Finally in this drawer we have my whiteboard markers just so I can keep track of different tasks that need doing for each blog.  It has been so helpful having different colours for different things as I am not getting confused half as much now.

In the bigger drawer is where I keep all the things I don't reach for as often & the items that I don't want to go missing in the smaller drawer.

I have an old pair of Skullcandy headphones in here which I don't really wear anymore as obviously my phone doesn't have a headphone jack. I also have my backup wireless earphones in hear just in case I need them for the gym one day.  My Beats Pill has also ended up in here, I don't use it very often anymore as I have my JBL Go speak but this is a handy back up. I also have some gaming glasses I have had for years in here but I don't really wear these anymore.

Next up we have my old phones we have my iPhone 8 & my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, I like to have these near by as I am an absolute liability so having some backups just in case is handy. I also have my old iPod in here because to be honest I do still listen to it from time to time.

I also have the charger in here for my current wireless earphones as I was sick of losing it. There is also my remote for my set up's LED's which to be honest I don't really use much. I also keep my webcam in hear just in case I ever need to use it but to be honest I haven't used it in about 2 years anyway.

This drawer is also where I keep far too many USB sticks, spare memory cards and my memory card reader, having these in here has been fantastic as I don't lose them any more.

Finally we have my new phone box, my external disk reader because none of the devices I own have a disk reader. We also have my MyPassport portable hard drive which I really need to start using. I have recently moved my Kindle and my Apple earphones into hear too just so I know where they are, I really should start using my Kindle again.

So there you have it that is what is in my desk drawer to help me stay nice and productive & organised. 

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