May 2020 Favourites

Well May seems to have actually lasted quite a long time, compared to April I really do think May has dragged. It has been another month stuck in doors but at least the weather has been good for most of it so I have been able to spend sometime in the garden although most of it has been spent in the games room once again. To be honest it was hard to pick some favourites for this month as it has just been the same as April but after sitting down and properley thinking about the things I have enjoyed in May I came up with a pretty good list. So here are the things I have loved in May... 

Film & TV


I have had a month of not really watching any films or TV and that is because I have spent far too much time watching YouTube. I have discovered new channels and have enjoyed watching some old favourites. One of my favourite channels has been Dad v Girls it is a great channel full of challenges and I have watched a lot of their videos. I have literally been watching anything from challenges to game play to fashion it has been great plus I can lay in bed watching videos or watch them whilst I blog.



In terms of music my favourite has definitely been Spotify, it is great to just open up the app and press play on any of my favourite artists or any random playlist. It has really helped me discover new music too by just playing those random playlists. It is great how new albums get added straight away too as KSI brought his new album out in May & I have been listening to that constantly since it was released. 


Gaming PC Set Up

Once again the gaming PC features on a favourites post, just like last month this is in my favourites as i have been practically sat working away on it 5 days a week. I am loving just been sat at the set up blogging away, the fact I have 2 screens really helps too as if needed I can have some research / references on one screen then my blog post on the other or I can have YouTube on one of the screens whilst I am blogging away. 

Canon Camera

Remember the Canon camera I got just after Christmas (you can read about it here) well it is safe to say I am absolutely loving it. The quality of my pictures for my fashion blog and Insta has really increased and it makes me feel so much better looking at the pictures taken with my camera.


Titanfall 2 

I am absolutely love playing through Titanfall 2, I am trying to make this game last a bit as it is quite a short campaign but it is so good. I actually I think I prefer this to the Call of Duty campaign as it is just so fun to play. I won't go into this too much though as I am planning on doing a full review once I have completed it. 

FIFA 20 

This lockdown has benefited me in one way, I am finally getting better at FIFA. I am spending plenty of time on squad battles and even the career mode lately. It is definitely one of the most perfect ways to relax and just escape the real world for a bit plus it is given me my football fix as I have definitely been missing it. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of April. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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