Why I Am Starting Youtube?

I have been really enjoying watching YouTube lately, in fact I am probably watching far too much of it. I literally watch anything from tech to gaming, fashion to fitness. Recently I got thinking about starting my own channel, way back when I started this blog my aim was always to create a YouTube channel to go alongside it but my confidence always knocked me back. 

Over the past few months I have seen my confidence start to grow, granted it is growing slowly but it is growing which is a positive so I thought why not take the jump and finally start the channel I have put off for so long. I got a pretty good camera just after Christmas so I may as well put it to good use at last, I have also purchased a tripod for the camera so there is no backing out now I just need to get it all set up and get creating. 

So what can you expect from the channel?

The channel is going to be gaming and technology just like the blog. 

Technology related content you can expect to see: 
Gaming related content you can expect to see:

Unboxing's (collectors edition's)
Let's Play's 

I am hoping that this will really boost my confidence more and I can start channels to go alongside my other blogs too but for now I am just going to see how this one goes and put my effort into creating the best content I can for you. Now I just need to learn all the editing side of things which I am currently clueless with, any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Once the channel is all set up keep an eye on my social media for links to all my latest videos. 

So are there any specific videos you would like to see me create?  

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