Current Favourite Gaming Instagram Accounts

Whilst I have been furloughed I seem to have rediscovered my love for Instagram, now this form of social media is definitely hit or miss for me and I can go for long periods without uploading to then just having loads of ideas and posting all the time. One thing that has really helped me recently is making sure the people I follow appeal to my interests and fit what I enjoy scrolling through. This is why I think I am enjoying my time on the app now, as I can scroll through knowing what I am going to see is going to be something I like. Thanks to this I have managed to rediscover some old favourite accounts as well as discover new ones. I have certainly been enjoying seeing posts from the gaming community as there are certainly some fantastic accounts out there, in fact there are too many to name however, I do have a few where I will watch every story they post and check back to make sure I haven't missed any grid posts from them and those accounts are...

George is someone who I have followed for a while however, his profile never seemed to show up in my feed. But now the Insta algorithm seems to have sorted itself out a bit and I can now see all George's posts when scrolling and his stories are always some of the first ones at the top of my page. All his photo's and stories are really great quality and you can tell he really thinks about the images he creates and the feed he curates. You can take a look at George's account for yourself here.

Aliesha's account is somewhat of a recent discovering and I am so glad I came across it as not only have I found a great Insta account to follow but I have also found a great YouTube to subscribe to. I absolutely love Aliesha's account as it covers tech 7 & gaming and each picture is a brilliant quality. From her account I have found other great accounts, products I want to try and games I would love to play. Again you can just see how much effort goes into each image and that is certainly something that keeps me going and making sure I never miss a post or story. You can check out Aleisha's page by clicking here.

One account I have followed for a long time is Dane's and again this has lead me to also watch his YouTube but what I love about Dane's Instagram is that is shows different angles. Sometimes you will have a controller in front of the TV, other times you get a game case or Dane himself. What makes it great though is that it all fits and flows really nicely nothing seems out of place. With different colour schemes every now and again you don't get fed up as it is different, unlike my grid which I am trying to work on. Click here to go check out Dane's page for yourself.

What I love most about Steven's account is how not only do you see the game he's talking about or playing, but you also get to see his set up which is really making me want to make changes to my own set up's for PC and console. His set up is absolutely brilliant and honestly I am so close to purchasing some more RGB's for the games room thanks to his images. You can tell he prides himself on the quality of his content as you can certainly see that a lot of time and effort has gone into every single image created from the lighting, to what game is on the screen. Now I just want a white desk and more RGB, so thank you Steven. Go take a look at Steven's account for yourself by clicking here.

Ivory is someone who I have followed for a long time now and her content just gets better and better. I love her set ups and how she shoots her images as again they show different angles & different locations, although this is another account that is really making me want to go on Amazon and purchase more and more RGB lighting. It has been fantastic to see Ivory's account grow and develop. Her account has also helped me discover new games that I have gone on to purchase and enjoyed myself. Again Ivory's account is definitely one you should check out for yourself and you can do so by clicking here.

I would definitely recommend checking out these accounts if you are on Instagram as each one provides some great content and who knows you may even end up finding a new game you like by seeing it on their profile as I know that has certainly have done this in the past. Can you recommend anyone else for me to follow let me know in the comments or over on Twitter.

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