How Am I Doing With Getting Through My Backlog In 2020 So Far?

Remember when I did my Games I Want To Beat in 2020 post? Well it featured a grand total of 11 games and to be honest 4 months later I haven't actually made that much progress. During this lockdown I have made a bit of progress however, I wish I had made more. Most days have ended up be
ing filled with writing new content for each of my blogs so often gaming has been neglected but when I have been gaming I haven't really been skipping between games like I used to, I have just been trying to complete campaigns and move games along ready for the release of next gen consoles and just so I can purchase new games thanks to my complete 3 before buying new game. I have been enjoying just sticking to specific games because as I say I have actually managed to complete games but also I haven't been getting controls mixed up as much as I used to meaning playing is much more enjoyable. 

So here are the games I have managed to complete so far since that original post in March. 


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 

I have done a review of this game which you can read here. It is the first Call of Duty campaign I have complete after always starting them and giving up. I am so glad that I decided to pick this up as it was such a good game to play through and really grabbed my attention and kept me playing unlike previous ones. It does make me wonder though if I would enjoy the other campaigns if I went back to them now, seen as they are in the backlog I am sure I will get to them at some point. 


Unfortunately I started this and just had to give up on it. I just couldn't get into the game, I was getting bored far too easily and just didn't find myself wanting to carry on with it. I am gutted about this though as I really wanted to get into this game after being so excited to play it for so long. For now it has gone to the back of the pile but who knows I may end up going back to it when other games have been completed. 

Titanfall 2 
Finally after having Titanfall 2 for so long I completed the campaign, again you can read my review here. I am so glad I gave this a go, it isn't something I would usually play however, I will be trying to find other games similar to it in the future. It was just fun controlling the Titan and learning the wall running, which eventually started to stress me out a little. Can you recommend any other games like this? 

Nintendo Switch

I have seriously neglected the Switch recently however, I am hoping to change that soon as I start to return to work my lunch times will be filled with gaming and I don't know why but I am just starting to gravitate towards the Switch a little more. 

Fingers crossed the next time I write one of these posts (would you prefer one in October or just wait until the end of 2020? ) there will be a lot more games on this list including Switch games, Spider-Man will definitely be completed by then too as I can see that being finished by the end of the month as I am really enjoying playing it and that is the game I am currently playing through. 

If you are trying to tackle your backlog this year how is it going for you? 

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