How Has Lockdown Changed My Gaming?

It is funny how I thought when I was furloughed that I was going to spend most of my time gaming as that isn't really how it ended up going at all. In fact for the first few weeks I played a lot of FIFA and was doing really well with Squad Battles as I was just grinding away. I even started a season for Bradford City which I never normally do on the game and I was really enjoying it.

But then I decided to step away from FIFA to try work through some of the games in my backlog which is where the gaming time started to decline. I decided that the first game I was going to try complete was the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign and honestly I think more hours were spent installing & updating the game than actually playing it.

This is when I got a lot more into my blogging too. With all the spare time whilst waiting for installation of games and updates I spent a lot of time at my PC blogging away and actually getting ahead of myself for a change. This meant I was coming up with more ideas that I expect and I was wanting to work on them all the time. So my days end up filled with blogging, I would wake up turn on the PC and stay there until I went to bed, which now I know was no good for me as all the days just blurred into one.

I then took a break from the blogging and ended up back on FIFA so not much other gaming got done, especially as Call of Duty then seemed to need more and more updates but eventually I finished it and moved on to Titanfall 2.

Once it came to playing Titanfall 2 though I ended up getting back on the PC and working on more and more content across all 3 of my blogs, I was trying to improve the content on my fashion and fitness blog though so I was working on posts in more depth which took more time than usual which again meant I was waking up heading to my PC then working away until I went to bed so gaming was once again getting neglected.

It has only been in recent weeks that I have actually taken a step back and looked at the way I have been doing things especially with how I have now nearly got all July & most of August's content sorted. So until I go back to work I have decided I will use my days as though I am working full time on my blog, so I will work on content until 5pm and then I will take myself away from my PC for a change and will either catch up on shows I want to watch, watch movies or play some games. Then weekends are reserved for gaming and films and just relaxing which is how it should be. That way the days shouldn't just blend into one as they have being doing lately.

Then when it does come to returning to work I can carry on trying to manage my time better by having specific nights to work on content or maybe one day during the weekend seen as I won't be going to a football match for a while. That way any other nights can just be spent playing games, catching up on TV or watching films I have wanted to watch for a while. Fingers crossed by doing this I will be able to shift through my backlog a bit quicker and also separate the days up a bit so I actually feel like I have some free time for a change.

Has lockdown changed the amount of gaming you have done or have you actually spent less time gaming?

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