Recent Acheivements & Trophies We Have Picked Up #2

Since my previous recent achievement post I have completed the campaign in 2 games, one on the PS4 and one on the Xbox and to be honest when I was gathering the images for this post I wasn't expecting to have as many actually have gained. As I have said before I would rather play a game and just complete the campaign instead of going looking for trophies or achievements. So to say I have  this many on this post is certainly something that you aren't going to see very often. Here are the one's I have gained since the last post. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 

I have finally completed the Call of Duty Modern Warfare campaign and my last few hours on the game gained me 3 more achievements. I was actually nowhere near 100% on this game but it was nice seeing those trophies pop up in the corner of my screen when I didn't even know I was actually working towards them.

Titan Fall 2

In my final few hours on the Titanfall 2 I managed to get a lot of achievements to add to my very low gamerscore. The achievements seemed to be really easy to gain throughout the game so if you are looking towards a game to pick up some easy achievements definitely take a look at picking this one up.

Disneyland Adventures

Once I finished Titanfall 2 I jumped onto Disneyland Adventures for about 10 minutes, before I got too tired and ended up going to bed. What surprised me though is how I got an achievement in those 10 minutes but I guess it is a pretty easy one. Jumping back onto this game just for a short time has made me more determined to go back and complete it soon.


Me and Liam started a co-op play through of Borderlands which is a game he loves but I hadn't tried yet. We only played for a little while as I just really wasn't in the mood to sit and play something totally new as my eyes were hurting & I just wasn't feeling well that day but I did enjoy what I played so I am looking forward to going back to this with him. 


I have finally started Spider-Man and why has it taken me so long? The game is great, granted I am only 12% into the game but I am loving it. I managed to pick up my first trophy in my very short time playing so far and I think this might be a game where I go back and try get 100% and the platinum on it.

So there you have it those are the achievements I have gained in the past few months. What are some of the achievements you have picked up or have you gained any platinum trophies recently?

I am definitely looking forward to getting plenty more gaming done and seeing if I stumble across any other trophies and achievements whilst playing.

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