My 2020 Birthday Wish List

How am I almost 26 years old already? It doesn't feel like 2 minutes ago that I turned 25, this year has just flown by. Every year family asks me what I want when it comes to my birthday and every year it is the same answer... I don't know, I will admit that some years I have asked for things just for the sake of them stopping asking. But I don't want to do that anymore, I now want to ask for things that are genuinely going to benefit me or that I have been after for a while but haven't got around to picking up yet. I have to say, it was actually quite fun putting this little list together as I can really see me enjoying and benefiting from each of these items, plus there are a lot of things on here that I have been wanting to pick up for a while but haven't gotten around to doing so. Here is this years birthday wish list.

Avengers game
This game comes out just before my birthday and I am really looking forward to playing it. I love the Avengers and from the trailers I have seen it looks like a game I am really going to enjoy. I can get around my clearing the backlog before getting a new game rule if it is a gift too surely.

Tech Organiser
I have been after one of these for the longest time but just keep putting off buying one for some strange reason. However, I have plans for taking my content across all 3 blogs to another level which will mean taking my tech gear on the go with me so I can work wherever I am. Plus when I do eventually get my Macbook I can  have any accessory I need for using that with me at any time. I am hoping that having something like this will help me staying as productive as I have been recently.

SpongeBob Squarepants Battle For Bikini Bottom Rehydrated
I have loved SpongeBob for so long but haven't picked up this game yet due to my rule of completing 3 games before moving on to the next one. But as I say surely this rule doesn't count when an item is gifted for a birthday. I am really looking forward to getting the chance to sit down and play this, I think I would rather getting it for the Switch rather than the PS4 or Xbox One.

Again I have been after a good pair of headphones for a long time now but I just haven't picked any up yet as I can't settle on the perfect pair. When I get my Macbook I want to make use of the spare room a bit more and work in there so a pair of headphones would be fantastic for this as I can work away whilst just listening to a podcast or playlist.

My Turtle Beaches just aren't cutting it anymore so I think it is about time I got an upgrade, like I have been talking about for a while now. I don't know why but I keep putting off getting a new headset so why not add it to my birthday wish list, I might even buy myself one for my birthday as  I still have my eyes on the Steelseries Arctis 7's.

Wireless Charging Station
I now have the Apple Watch and iPhone 11 so to make things easier I would love to pick up a wireless charging station to have at the side of my bed or desk, just one place to charge everything in one go. Plus I have been really considering picking some AirPods up so if  I do I can charge them on the charging station too.

PlayStation Light
I have been looking at the PlayStation lights for so long and have had them on my wish list on Amazon for what seems like forever.  These are so cheap for how good they look and I think it would look fantastic on our TV unit so we can see it whilst playing on our consoles.

Headphone Stand
To go along with me wanting some headphones & a headset I would love a stand to put them on. You can get some great reasonably priced ones on Amazon and I have a space ready and waiting for them in the games room and spare room so my headphones & headset will always have a home.

So there you have it those are the items on this years birthday wish list and you know what? I might actually treat myself to some of these items as a birthday treat would any of these items make your wish list or would you pick something totally different?

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