1 Month With The Macbook Pro 2020... How Am I Finding It?


Well I have now had my Macbook Pro 2020 for over a month and after so long saving up for it has it lived up to my expectations? 

It definitely does, blogging on the go and from different rooms around the house has got much easier and thanks to that I have ended up been so much more productive with my time. It has been great just being able to it anywhere and get on with what I need to be doing. The issue I had previously was that my old laptop was just too slow at loading items, constantly crashing and the screen just looked really grainy but thanks to my Macbook I no longer have these issues. 

I will admit when I first made the purchase I was a little wary due to the amount I was spending on it, I was worried that I might end up paying a fortune on something that didn't actually offer me any benefit but I guess that is always in the back of your mind when you are making a big purchase. 

As soon as I opened the box I was impressed and set off using it straight away. One thing I love is how sleek it looks, I opted for the silver model and it looks fantastic. My previous laptop was a bright blue HP so the silver is definitely more subtle and doesn't draw too much attention when you are using it. It isn't as heavy as my previous laptops either so carrying it around isn't a problem neither is having it on my knee for a long time. What I have also found is even if I use it for a long period of time it doesn't overheat and start to make a lot of noise, it is practically silent and I don't have to worry about burning my knees by sitting with it for a long time which makes a nice change. 

The Macbook is also really fast, I have had no issues connecting to anything or it randomly crashing and not responding like I have with my previous laptop. This has meant my productivity has certainly increased as I aren't sat around waiting, I can jump between tabs etc easily and not have to worry about losing any of my progress. It has been great being able to do a lot more in a specific time frame and not having to sit around waiting for things to load or reboot. I have also noticed that it uploads my images a whole lot quicker too which is fantastic as I hate how long my PC and previous laptops take to do this. just having time to do more blogging means I can get more content out there across my blogs and I am seeing an increase in my stats since using the Macbook as I am put more content out there on my blog and social media. 

It is really easy to use too, literally just lift the screen up, use touch id to log in and I am good to go. No more messing around waiting for it to load up every time I use it I can just get on with what I need to when I need to. This has been great for when I have had post ideas too as I aren't sitting around waiting so my ideas aren't just disappearing, if I get an idea I need to get it down quick or it just goes away so not having to wait around means the idea is typed a lot faster and I can refer back to it at any point. I thought it would take some getting used to with commands, layout and the touch bar too however, it has been really easy to pick up on where things are and what to do for certain actions. I just need to try customise my touch bar a bit to make it even more efficient for me and so that I stop catching Siri when I am typing a bit too fast. The keys are brilliant to type with too, it feels like I am just gliding when typing instead of having to hear far too much noise thanks to the mechanical switches I am used to. It is nice just having that usual typing sound taking away as it often drives me absolutely mad and is sometimes the reason I end up giving up for the day and putting things away for the day. 

Even with the Macbook being constantly on I am not having to charge it every 2 minutes like I had to with my HP. I can actually use it for long periods of time and not have to charge it for a few days which is fantastic. If I am using it on the go though I will make sure it has plenty of charge as the charging brick is just far too big for my liking. It is nice not having to worry about finding a plug socket or watching my battery all the time and just being able to get on with what I am doing without worrying about making sure everything is saved all the time just in case. Previously so many times my HP had just died on me so having something I can now rely on is so much better. 

The quality of the screen and display is also fantastic. I ended up going for the 13" model and to be honest when working on it to me it just looks I am on a high quality TV screen due to how clear everything is even with the brightness turned down you can see the quality. This is fantastic for me as I am wanting to start making sure all my blog images are edited to the highest standard and any graphics I create look sharp and to the highest standard. This is also a benefit when I am looking for those details I am reviewing for my fashion blog as I can see the details a lot better on the bright clear screen than I would be able to on my old grainy pixelated screen. I am hoping this also means that I can get some good details for some future projects I am working on. Thanks to the screen being such good quality I don't seem to be having as many headaches either as my eyes aren't been strained as much to focus. 

Since getting the Macbook I have been using it daily and to be honest I find it gets better and better with every use. I do still need to put some of the essential apps on it for what I am going to be using it for but it is certainly serving me well. The real test is still to come for it though as I am going to be using it for the image and video editing for those future projects I am working on. But I definitely have high hopes that it is going to be just fine and serve me for a long time.

I still need to pick up some accessories for the Macbook and download some apps but can you recommend any that I need to make the most out of the device? 

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