FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Pack Opening #1

Finally I can start playing Ultimate team on FIFA 21, after a busy few weeks since release I am now finally getting the chance to play some games and start earning those rewards to make my team better than last years. Once again this year I am going to try do this without spending any actual money on my team, any new players will be purchased with coins I have earned or rewards I get from playing the game. 

So here is my starting team for this year. I am quite impressed with this already as it is definitely a strong start compared to last year. 

Here is what my bench is looking like too which again I don't think is too bad with some good choices if I need them. But how do I end up with Sarr every year? 

I was definitely impressed with one of the first packs I opened as there are quite a few good players in there that could work well with my team as well as a great manager in Ranieri.

The next pack I opened has a few more cards I wanted to keep to play around with plus it is always handy getting plenty of contracts early on. 

Traore is definitely going to end up featuring in my team if I can find a way to link him up with my other players well. 

I am also impressed I managed to pack Arteta as well because with the route I am going with for my team at the moment he is a perfect pick for my team. 

Adama Traore went straight into my team as he is a fantastic addition at the moment with him playing in the Premier League and being Spanish. 

This is the pack where most of my team came from as there was a few surprises which can work with my team well. Lascelles went straight into defense and Mignolet went straight into goal. 

I am really looking forward to playing plenty more Ultimate team for the life span of FIFA 21 and working on my team. What is your team looking like? 


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