What's In My Bag For A Week Away

 We have recently got back from a week away, a little stay cation at the Norfolk Broads. What this meant though was a long car journey there and back so I wanted to make sure I had plenty to keep me entertained and sane whilst I was sat in the back of the car. 

I don't know about you but I just can't cope with sitting around waiting to get to the destination I would rather be doing something that is productive as I feel I reach the destination quicker this way. One good thing is I have managed to do on this journey is work on more blog ideas and plan future content which always helps fill in any spare time I have. So here is what I packed for that long journey...

Nintendo Switch
 I have a lot I want to play to review for the blog so of course this was the first thing being packed. Being in the car is perfect for getting a few hours of a game completed as there are very little distractions so you are focused on the game not everything going on around you. The Switch is the perfect console for me as I can start a game at home on the TV then pick it back up on a journey to give it even more game time.  

Blogging Notebooks
I don't go anywhere without my blogging notebooks as they hold all my to do lists, content ideas and notes for each post. I packed these so that if I wanted to do a bit of blogging in the back of the car I could have all my notes at hand and see what needs working on.  

Tech bag
This is where I keep all my chargers, external hard drive and accessories for when I am blogging and just for all the different items I take with me seen as it seems so many items need charging so often. I have my laptop, phone and watch charger along with my Switch charger, hard drive ,USB-C hub, memory cards. I use a make up back to store all these in at the moment but I will be buying a real tech bag soon so things are stored a lot better. 

This was the first long journey with the Macbook and it didn't let me down at all. I mainly used this when we got on holiday but it was super quick to use in the back of the car to make notes. It is easy just to put in my bag due to it being lightweight and it had all the things on that my PC at home does so I could just open the laptop up and get on with the things I need to. 

I always take a book away with me so that if I head to bed on a night early I can have a quick read of my current read or even if we are just sat around I could pick it up and make a bit of progress in my book for a change. 

Hand sanitiser / Inhaler / Mask 
These 3 are now some of the first items I add into my bag. Hand sanitiser has become a new essential for me as I am sick of using a mix of ones from shops as they are doing my hands no favours. Of course a mask is now needed to go into shops so I put a few in my bag so if I misplace one I know I have back up. Then I add my inhaler because I know that if I did forget about it I would end up needing it. 

No road trip is complete without snacks, but this time instead of a lot of junk food I took some oat bars and raisins which definitely made a nice change. Every trip needs snacks so I make sure I am well stocked for when I do start to get hungry. 

I have started taking my glasses everywhere now because I have been struggling with headaches lately due to me forgetting to wear my glasses. It is definitely handy to have a pair in the bottom of my bag just to make sure if I do really need them I have them for a change. 

The best part is that these items didn't just help beat the boredom in the back of the car but it also helped as it meant I could do some blogging throughout the week when we had some spare time, so even though I was away I was still being productive and not just sat around the house. What do you pack for those long car journey's do you have any essentials?

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