My Dream Office Set Up

One of my big goals over the next few years is to get a nice little office for content creating. I now have three blogs and also am planning on starting YouTube along with a few other things I am hoping to make happen very soon. Currently I blog from the games room at my gaming PC or at my dressing table in the spare room and to be honest these areas are full of distractions and not really what I want for filming in the future plus with working in the places I use for other things daily I just feel as though I never switch off. 

That is why I think an office space would be perfect for me as it could be a place I could just head to, create my content, edit, write posts and then head home where the games room is back to being for gaming and the spare room is for relaxing and getting ready. My perfect office would be somewhere where I can relax, get things done and really optimize productivity whilst having a space to split my three blogs personalities in one space. One blog is football, the other is fashion, fitness & sneakers where as this one is all about gaming and tech. So if I could have one space where I can combine all these themes and stay inspired for my content that would be fantastic. 

Here is how my dream office would look, well to start with as I am sure I would change it up quite often...

Ikea table top 

I love the look that the Ikea kitchen counter tops can give your set ups, a nice wood effect would be perfect for the set up look I would aim for. As I would want a couple of these the Ikea work top idea would be perfect as they are really affordable too. You get quite good depth on these too so you can fit plenty on both desks. I would definitely opt for two different desks one for me with a permanent set up then a spare desk for if I ever had visitors or just for sitting and working on my laptop if I wanted. 

Ikea Alex drawers

To hold up the worktops I would use the Ikea Alex drawers, you can get these with 5 drawers which would be the perfect height for a desk along with giving ten drawers across the two desks meaning you have plenty of storage space built into your desk. With the different sized drawers there would be storage for anything from pens to camera equipment, everything would have its own space. Plus I can have a drawer for my different blog notebooks so they all have their own space and aren't just laying around. 

Gaming chairs

I currently have a cheap gaming chair at home which is brilliant as it is comfortable and I can sit in it for hours. I would love each desk plus a filming/photography set up to have a great quality gaming chair so no matter where I am sat I am comfortable and any possible visitors are comfortable too. For years I have had bad chairs that have hurt my back or meant I have been moving around more instead of just getting on with things so it is time for that to stop once and for all. 

Spare monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse

For that potential spare desk I would love a spare monitor along with a wireless mouse & keyboard just so if I wanted to hook my laptop up to it I would be able to plus if anyone else wanted to work from that desk they would be able to too. Plus with having the Alex drawers when you aren't using the mouse and keyboard you can just put them in a drawer so they are out of the way and keeps the desktop looking nice and tidy. 

Filming & Photography set up

I would love to have a seperate area just for taking images for my blogs/Instagram accounts that I can move around and change to suit what blog it is for. This would definitely be more suited to this blog & future YouTube channel as I would be taking product shots & filming videos on a desk. My ideal set up would just be a simple Ikea white table top as it would work well for 90% of product shots and videos. Then if I wanted to take image indoors for my other blogs I could easily just move the desk out of the way and adapt the area to suit the images I need to take. 

Overhead camera rig

I would love an overhead camera rig for when I finally get filming. The direction I want to go in for YouTube would definitely benefit from this item and honestly they just do such a good job from what I have seen in the videos I have seen that use them. Just having it there ready to hook my camera up to and get cracking with filming would be fantastic. This would also help benefit something else I am starting to plan out too. 

Soft box lights or ring light 

Lighting is definitely an issue when it comes to my content, I just struggle to get it right on my images when I just use natural lighting due to the house being so dark 90% of the time. I am really wanting to work on how my images look in the near future so soft box lighting definitely seems like the way to go. If I had these set up in an office just ready to move a bit or just switch on I think it would make my images a lot better.

RGB lighting

I love RGB and no doubt knowing me I would be in the office late so I would love to add RGB lighting in some areas just to create a nice relaxed atmosphere when it does get dark and I am just doing things like editing and writing. There are plenty of great panels out there and LED strips so I can do this for a reasonable price. 


 Having a TV in the office would just be for any down time I had or just for playing YouTube or music through to keep me going and motivated. Again you can get decent TV's for a reasonable price these days so just a cheap one would do for what I would use it for, mounted on a wall would be a great addition.


A small sofa could be a good addition too, I can just imaging getting comfortable with my laptop and writing away whilst lounging on the sofa. Plus it could also double up as a bit of a second set up for recording if I wanted it to. Plus if anyone drops by to see me like Liam or family they can just sit at the sofa instead of at a desk. 

Cushions with logos on

To go on the sofa it would be great to have a couple of cushions with each of the blogs logos on as this just adds a bit of the blogs personalities into the room and just adds another level to the sofa. It isn't an expensive addition as you can get cushions printed at a very reasonable price.  


Just like with the cushions I would love to have three canvasses on the wall all with a blog logo on which again will just add personality to the room and also showcase each of the blog logos. Again you can get canvasses printed for reasonable prices so it is an inexpensive way to add that personality to the room.


My whiteboard that I currently have is the best thing I have for staying organised as it is in a monthly calendar format. I would love to have just a plain whiteboard to go along site the calendar style so I can write down ideas, what I am working on and things that need doing. It will just add a bit more efficiency to my productivity system and I might stop forgetting things and leaving some bits until last minute. The best thing is with just those two whiteboards I could easily have a months view of all three blogs and to do lists for all three.


I would love to have three tallish bookcases in the office too, again one for each blog as it means things are kept separate and each blog can have its own area with its own equipment etc on it. Something like this would be great as it could have a shelf for things to write about, new in etc plus space for the equipment for future plans too. 

Mini fridge 

One of the best additions to any office in my opinion is a mini fridge. Just somewhere to keep the cans of Monster or Reign that I can't stop drinking at the moment or even bottles of water, having a mini fridge on hand would mean I don't have to worry about leaving a drink at home or having to run down to the shop to pick one up. I would just need to nip across the room then can get back on with working. 

Coffee machine

Finally we have the essential coffee machine, I have tried going without coffee before and it just doesn't work so a coffee machine would be a brilliant addition as just like with the fridge I can just walk across grab a coffee then get straight back to my desk to work. You can get a decent coffee machine for a decent price these days so this is certainly an essential for me once I get that office.

So there you have it that is what I would love to have in my future office, fingers crossed I end up having one in the near future as this is definitely one of my big goals that I am working hard towards. What would you have in your dream office/ content creating studio?

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