What We Are Playing (6th November)


A new series I am wanting to bring to the site is a round up of what we plan on playing on the weekend and following week. This will be posted every Friday and break down what both me and Liam are playing, the following week may also feature a bit of a round up on how we got on if we finished a game or if we simply gave up on it which believe me in my case happens a lot more than I wish as I sometimes just can't get on with games. So here is what we will be playing at the weekend and into next week...


I will be finally making a start on The Vanishing : Of Ethan Carter which has been in my PC backlog for far too long. I am also hoping to complete Erica which seems to be taking forever to install thanks to our terrible internet. If I have spare time hopefully I can jump on FIFA or Tales From The Borderlands too. I just need to try work through my backlog and get some reviews written so these games are certainly a start. 


I will be playing my usual favourites World of Warcraft & FIFA 21. I am making plenty of progress in my player career for FIFA 21 so no doubt I will spend plenty of time making even more progress.

Let us know what you plan on playing this weekend and next week by leaving us a comment below. 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

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