Podcasts I Have Been Loving Lately

At the beginning of lockdown I started to listen to a few more podcasts when I was blogging as I was finishing my YouTube subscription box far too easily. Listening to podcasts though just offered something a little different as I could just put on my headphones and listen to topics I love whilst working away on my latest blog posts or playing some video games. Podcasts just mean I aren't sat staring at a video on my screen and getting distracted from what I am writing about as in most cases I can watch a video version or just listen to the audio only version minimising those distractions. 

I am definitely more productive when listen to a podcast as I only have to listen however, not only am I productive but I am also more inspired and motivated due to the topics some of the podcasts I listen to cover. They have helped me work on my blogs and make some great progress with them too as they inspire me to do better, show me what I need to improve on and just give me more confidence. So here are some of my favourite podcasts at the moment...

Same Brain

This podcast is by sisters Justine & Jenna Ezarik, if you enjoy tech YouTube you will probably know Justine as iJustine. Same Brain is mainly a tech & video game podcast however, they do sometimes cover other topics too. I am a bit of a tech geek so I love this podcast as both the sisters know exactly what they are talking about and it gives you a bit more of an in-depth look at topics. 


Feature is a podcast from YouTuber Justin TSE and covers tech & lifestyle. It is a fantastic podcast and it has given me so much inspiration and motivation to work on not only my blogs & the ideas I have had for the future but also inspiration for working on myself. Justin talks a lot of sense and talks a lot about how he has developed over the years which really helps give you inspiration and motivation for the future. 

Whats Good Games

This is the first ever podcast I listened to years ago and have continued to listen to. Britney, Andrea, Steimer really know their stuff when it comes to video games and the podcast echos that. This podcast is what keeps me up to date with what is going on in the video game world and hearing the opinions on games from the hosts has actually helped me find some games I have enjoyed that I never thought I would try. 

Glow and Grow Show

I absolutely love the Glow and Grow show and I end up sitting and making so many note when I listen to this podcast as it is really one of the things that is helping me grow my blogs and social media channels. Granted I have a long way to go with building my blogs and channels and I still have a lot of things I need to put into practise but it has given me some notes to start. This is a podcast I just go through over and over again to see if I can pick up any different pointers on each listen. I would definitely recommend this if you have a blog or social media you are trying to grow. 

If anyone can recommend any other good podcasts for me to listen to in the self help, technology, gaming or fashion genre please do let me know. Especially if they are gaming related as I am really wanting to listen to some of those but can't find any that grab my attention

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