FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Pack Opening #3

I have finally managed to get back on FIFA after it seeming to take forever to update. I managed to get a few Squad Battle games done and managed to complete a season objective once again, plus there were a few pre-order packs to open. So here is what I have packed in the past few weeks... 

I seem to be building a pretty good side full of French players thanks to these pack openings. This pack wasn't too bad as the majority of cards are going to come in handy in the future plus that Gomis card could come in handy sooner rather than later. 

I got a silver pack as a reward but honestly there wasn't much use in keeping these so I got rid of these straight away. Honestly I don't really bother with silver cards anymore so these were pretty pointless. 

I was pretty impressed with this pack as it has certainly got some useful players in it. Vela is really going to strengthen my attack and Luiz is going to really strengthen my defense as well as linking up with other players. 

Another decent pack was this one with with a fantastic Muller card in it, this is definitely one of the best cards I have packed in a long time and is going to have plenty of use out of it. It was nice to see a Champions League card in this pack too as it isn't right often that I actually unpack them. I am sure this will come in handy at some point. 

Another pack provided me with some great cards that could come in handy. This Zouma card is definitely going to be added straight into my defensive line up as I think it could really add a bit of strength to the back line. 

The last two packs weren't as good but there are a few players that could end up in my lineup in the future or at least on the bench to help strengthen my side. I have a nice mix now of German, Spanish and Premier League players to have a good squad rotation. 

So there you have it those are the cards I have packed recently. I can see me starting to spend a fair bit more time on the game in the coming weeks so who knows who I may end up getting in the next post. 

Who is the best card you have packed lately?

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