What We Are Playing (27th November)

Well that is another week done and dusted and the weekend is finally upon us. It has been a week of getting jobs done here so that we can have a nice relaxed gaming weekend so fingers crossed everything goes to plan and that will be the case. There is plenty to keep us busy gaming wise so here is how we are hoping the weekend goes...


I managed to get a bit of gaming done last week and rolled the credits on two games so this weekend is going to be a case of starting some new games and hopefully making a dent in those. I asked on Twitter this week what game I should play next and Tales From The Borderlands came out on top, so I will be starting that this weekend and hopefully make some good progress. I will also be playing a bit more FIFA as I am trying to play as much Squad Battles as I can. Who knows I might even end up playing a big of Bugsnax too as I am looking forward to starting this game. 


I will be continuing to do what I have done all week and will be spending more time playing World of Warcraft Shadowlands which has finally been released. When I aren't playing that though I will be jumping into a bit more Football Manager so a nice simple weekend for me. 

So that is what we are playing are you jumping into anything new or are you just trying to make progress in what you have already started? 

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