Our 1st Month With The PS5 How Has It Gone?

 Although it has been just over a month since the release of the PS5 here in the UK it seems like it has been 2 minutes since its release thanks to how fast the year is going. We had the PS5 pre-ordered since September so when the day for it to be delivered cam I couldn't wait to get it all set up and get playing it. So how has the first month gone since that initial unboxing

When I was unboxing it for the blog post I couldn't actually believe the size of it, yes we all heard and saw just how big it was going to be but I don't think I really appreciated it until I was holding it for myself. This did cause a bit of a conflict as I knew I wanted the console vertical but there was no way it was going to fit in my TV unit like that. We actually ended up putting the console at the side of our TV on top of the unit and I think it looks great just where it is, in fact I think it looks better than if was in one of the little cubes of the TV unit. At least being on top of the TV there is plenty of airflow getting to it. 

Something I noticed straight away is how quiet it is compared to my 500gb PS4, that thing sounded like a plane taking off so to have a consoles that is a lot quieter is fantastic as I can actually hear what is going on in the game for a change. I have noticed it does get a little louder when I am starting up FIFA 21 (PS4 disc) but it soon quietens down and you forget it ever happened. 

With the PS4 I felt like downloads were taking forever in fact one game took around 3 days to install but I have noticed a slight improvement with the PS5, I don't know if it is psychological but honestly it seems as though we are getting much better download times when it comes to installing games and getting to play them a lot sooner than before. It is great not having to wait around as much as usual. To be honest the over user interface just feels a lot quicker so it is easier scrolling to see what I actually want to play or do that day. Overall the whole user interface just feels better to me and I love the addition of the activity cards and the hours played breakdown for games, it has been fun seeing what I have played the most and what I have neglected or given up on. 

So far I haven't been able to play on the PS5 as much as I would have liked just due to being busier in the run up to Christmas and finishing off some other bits out of my backlog before I start anything new, plus we are trying to keep PS4 games on our PS4 to free up space on the PS5 for anything new we do pick up in the near future. There is also the small matter of downloading games that has limited how much I play as unfortunately most times I go to sit and play a game a new update needs completing which is the last thing you want to see when you just want to sit and game. I have managed to complete Astro's Playroom already though which is great as that game was such a good experience from start to end. 

Funnily enough I think Liam has spent more time with the console than me which isn't bad to say he wasn't too bothered about purchasing the console, he seems to be enjoying his experience with the console so far and hasn't said anything bad about it yet which is a surprise as he much prefers sticking to PC gaming these days. I am certainly looking forward to spending a lot more time getting to grips with the console and having some amazing gaming experiences with it in the near future as it is definitely a console that has a lot of potential. 

Now it is time to start purchasing plenty of games we have had our eyes on and get gaming more. What games would you recommend we pick up first?

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