Overall 2020 Favourites

 Well 2020 was a strange year but it wasn't all doom and gloom for us luckily as the lockdown gave me time to just reset and find the things I love once again. 2020 had been all about finding new favourites and discovering old ones once again whilst we have been stuck indoors. What I thought was going to be a write off of a year actually turned into a pretty good one. Here are my overall 2020 favourites...

Film & TV

Disney + 

Disney + helped me get through a big chunk of the lockdown as there was always something for me to watch. It was great throughout the year going back and watching some of my favourite series and films from when I was growing up. I don't see me getting sick of this platform anytime soon either as there is plenty to get around to watching with more being released all the time. 


YouTube was what I watched probably 90% of the time during the year and it helped me so many ways. I had YouTube on for my workouts and whilst I was blogging. I have discovered some great new channels which have helped me with my mindset and productivity plus old favourites have produced some fantastic content throughout the year. 


Taylor Swift 

I will admit I went off Taylor Swift a little bit but the two albums she has released in 2020 have been fantastic and more like the Taylor Swift I fell in love with listening to all those years ago. Folklore was brilliant but Evermore just upped the game even more. They have been on repeat throughout the year and are only going to be listened to more and more throughout 2021. 

KSI has been one of my favourite YouTubers for a while but in 2020 he became one of my favourite musicians too. I knew about his music in the past and listened every now and again but the songs he has brought out in 2020 have absolutely killed it and I have had them on repeat quite a bit, it even led me to listening to his older stuff more often too. I love seeing how much he has grown this year. 


Macbook Pro 2020 

I finally made the purchase that I had been wanting for a while... my Macbook Pro. I opted for the 2020 Macbook Pro and I am so glad I managed to purchase one. In the past I struggled blogging and getting things done on the go thanks to my super slow laptop but now my productivity has massively increased. I use this daily and I can't see me getting bored of it anytime soon. It has been a great help in 2020 and I can only see it becoming a bigger help in the future as I work on new projects. 


The PS5 only came out in November but it became and instant favourite. The console is just fantastic and is the perfect addition to the games room. With me waiting for this for so long I was a bit worried about being a bit disappointed in the console when I received it but it was far from the case and I actually loved it more than I expected. Get ready for plenty more PS5 content in the future. 

Canon Camera 

Back at the end of 2019 we purchased the Canon EOS 4000D to help our blog image quality and it has definitely done the trick. The images we have captured from this camera have been absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately we haven't got to use it at events like we wanted to but there is always 2021 for that and 2020 has been a great year of practicing using it. 


Spiderman PS4

Finally I managed to get around to playing Spider-Man on the PS4, I had heard great things about the game but had it sitting in my backlog for far too long. So seen as I had plenty of free time in 2020 I decided it was finally time to get it played and it definitely didn't disappoint. The game was absolutely brilliant and I enjoyed every minute I played, it definitely helped me get more excited for when I get to  play Mile Morales too. 

Titanfall 2 

One of the first games in my backlog I tackled this year was Titanfall 2 and why did I take so long to play this? The game was fantastic and easily one of my favourite games I played in 2020. I honestly wish I had played it sooner as the campaign was fantastic from start to finish. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of November. What have you been loving throughout 2020?

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