What We Are Playing (1st January)


Well it is the first weekend of the new year and with us still not being able to go to the football or do anything really it is going to be a weekend in either gaming or blogging. We both got a new game each for Christmas but we still need to get those installed so for now we are playing what we already have which is... 


I have a few bits to finish off in Destroy All Humans then I can move on from that. Once I am done with that I am finally going to give Maneater a go on the PS5, I am a bit gutted that I bought this in November but it is going to be the free PS5 game for January, I have heard good things about this game so I can't wait to start this. In between these games I will be jumping into FIFA again too seen as it has finally completed installing. 


I will be mainly playing World of Warcraft this weekend but I will be mixing it up a little bit as I will also be playing a little bit of Heroes of the Storm which I haven't played for a while. 

So there you have it that is what we will be playing this weekend... what will you be playing? 

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