The Games I Am Looking Forward To In 2021

In 2020 I didn't actually purchase many games due to my rule of completing 3 games before buying new which has meant that there are quite a few games that I missed out on picking up at release but to be honest I aren't too bothered about that as it meant I actually got to play the games I had and when I do get around to playing the newer releases they will have dropped in price a bit so it is a bit of a win win situation. Plus by holding off on buying some of the games it means I am going to be able to play them on the PS5 as they release PS5 versions of those games. I am hoping that in 2021 I can get through more of my backlog and purchase some more games that are just out as there are quite a few I am looking forward to. So here are the 2021 releases that I am really looking forward to playing whether that is in 2021 or not...

Control PS5 Version 

I really wanted to pick up Control for my PS4 but just never got around to it so I am glad the PS5 version is coming in 2021. I watched a few people playing this game on Twitch and YouTube and it looks really good and different to what I would normally play. This might end up being one of my first pickups of the year as I have already waited long enough. 

Prince of Persia 

To be honest I wasn't keen on the original game but to be honest I was really young at the time of it's release so I don't think I appreciated it enough. I am wanting to pick this up to give it another try as I think that now I am a lot older I will actually enjoy it a lot more than previous, plus I think it is a game Liam might enjoy playing too. 

It Takes Two 

It is rare that me and Liam sit and play games together so it would be nice to finally pick something up we can just sit down and play on a night instead of sitting on opposite PC's. It looks like a great game for us just to unwind with and who knows it might be the start of us playing together a lot more. 


As soon as this game was announced I told Liam I would be picking it up. It just looks like such a fun game, yes it also looks a bit frustrating but I think between me and Liam we can very easily enjoy plenty of hours on this game. The game to me just looks like a crazy video game version of John Wick which is perfect for me as I love any sort of game or film that involves assassinations. 

Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 Version

I have wanted Cyberpunk for a number of years now and with the hype surrounding the game I very nearly picked it up for my PS4 but decided against it just before the release. I decided to wait until the PS5 version was released and to be honest with the things I have seen about the game online I am glad I opted to wait. Lets hope the PS5 version runs a lot better. 

Gotham Knights

Anything to do with Batman and the DC universe I will give a go. I am looking forward to playing as Batgirl and Robin for a change instead of it just being another Batman game. This game is totally separate from the Arkham series so I am looking forward to seeing how the game play goes, plus Liam can always play this with me too as another player can drop in and out as they please.

Halo Infinite

I am really hoping to have played more Halo games on the  Xbox Series X by the time Halo Infinite is released so fingers crossed for that. The Halo franchise is one I really want to play as I have heard so many good things about it. From what we have seen from Halo Infinite I think this is definitely a game I will enjoy playing. 

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

I really enjoy Lego games but I absolutely love Star Wars so this is going to be a definite purchase. I can see me getting plenty of hours of enjoyment out of this game thanks to it allowing you to play through all nine Star Wars saga films. I am really looking forward to sitting down and playing this who knows Liam might give this one a go too. 

Lord of the Rings Gollum 

This is another game that I wanted as soon as I saw the trailer. Liam really got me into the Lord of the Rings franchise and I loved playing War in the North so again I am looking forward to trying this one. Apparently this doesn't take inspiration from the movies but instead it is from the books so that might also mean that Liam enjoys playing this too. I can see us both putting plenty of hours into this if it is done right. 

So those are the games that I am really looking forward to in 2021, there are others coming up that I know I want to pick up but these are my top picks. I am also hoping there are plenty of good Nintendo Switch games coming up too as I am hoping to stop neglecting that this year. What are the games you are looking forward to? 

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