Xbox Series X Unboxing

Finally it has arrived, after struggling to find an Xbox Series X in stock since its release we managed to find one. It did mean being awake at 3am to get it from the Argos but by lunch time it was in our house and ready to be unboxed. I had really been looking forward to getting this console as I had been missing out on playing my Xbox mainly due to it always having an issue when I turned it on and sounding so noisy. So here is the Xbox Series X unboxing...

One thing I noticed as soon as I opened the box is how nice the packaging was compared to the PS5. This comes with foam padding to keep the console safe and the console actually really nicely wrapped with the accessories you get with it hidden. I loved how well this was packaged as there was no movement for the console it was packed in really well. 

The accessories you get are nicely hidden in the packaging so when you open the box the main focus is on the console itself. It actually took me a few seconds to realise where these were as the box opening blended in so well. 

With the console you get an instruction booklet, which was thrown to one side as usual. You get the power cable which I love as it doesn't feature the huge power brick my Xbox One does, it is just a nice simple wire, this is a good length too as it runs from one end of the TV unit to the other  without stretching. It also comes with the 2 meter Ultra High Speed HDMI cable with HDMI 2.1 features to support the 4K gaming I can't wait for. 

You also get the controller in the box which I think I prefer to the PS5 controller already as it fits my hand much better. When you put this side by side with the Xbox One controller there isn't much difference other than the grips on the back and the triggers along with the much better D pad which I think is definitely going to benefit me. 

Now onto the console, the packaging makes it like an extra Christmas or birthday gift to unwrap. I love this little detail from Xbox as it just makes the unboxing experience that little bit more special. 

When you take the packaging off you are greeted with the console which I love due to its simplicity. Yes it is a bit big and chunky but it is so small compared to the PS5. I love it having the all black design where everything just blends in as it looks fantastic sat at the side of our TV as it blends in a bit. The only time you see a bit of colour is when you look at the vent on the top or when the console is switched on. The console does feel a bit heavy but luckily we won't be moving it around too often.
We have decided to keep the console stood up (vertical) as it just fits the TV unit better this way and we have done the same with our PS5 so it looks much better. 

The console was really easy to set up and I did most of it through the Xbox app whilst the console was updating which was great. I just really can't wait to get playing plenty of games on this. Now what should we pick up first to play on the console? Keep an eye out on the blog as there is going to be plenty of Xbox content coming in the future. 

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