What We Are Playing (29th January)


Well it is the final week of January, a month that seems to have gone on forever and with us still being in lockdown here in the UK there isn't much we can be doing at all. Like all the other weekends in January it is going to be a weekend of mainly sitting and playing our games. There will be some time away from the games to watch a bit of football but other than that there isn't much else to do unless we watch a TV series or movie for a change. So here is what we are hoping to play over the weekend and into the beginning of February...


I am still making my way through Maneater and I really don't know what I actually think to this game as I love it one minute then get bored the next. I know I will only be jumping in and out of this as I can't play more than a few hours of this without wanting to quit the game altogether. I am hoping to get Ben There, Dan That completed and out of my PC game backlog as I have heard it is only a few hours long so I might as well get it played instead of putting it off again. I am also planning on starting Gears of war Ultimate on the Series X as this is another game I am wanting to complete this year so lets hope I can make some progress over the next few days. 


It is another weekend on World of Warcraft for me but we have also finally got Red Dead Redemption 2 installed so I can finally give that a go after it being sat on the shelf for far too long. No doubt the majority of time will be spent on World of Warcraft to save from arguments over the consoles. 

So that is what we are hoping to play what are you playing this weekend? 

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