Destroy All Humans 1st impressions (PS4)

For my birthday back in September I was after a new game and Liam agreed to get me one of my choice. I was struggling on which I actually wanted but by this point he had hyped up Destroy All Humans so much I ended up picking the game up. With him hyping the game up so much I ended up really looking forward to playing the game but did it live up to the expectations Liam had set for it? 

In terms of the graphics for the game I found them a bit basic but I was expecting this as I knew it was a remake. I think that I only found it basic due to me playing this straight after I had played Spider-Man on the PS4. Although they were basic they were definitely better than some of the other games I have recently played so it definitely didn't take away from how much I enjoyed the game. 

Most of the time I won't even bother about cutscenes but I found these quite funny and enjoyable so I actually sat and watched them all without going to pick my phone up for their duration or pressing to skip. I think it is a good job that I liked the cutscenes though as there are definitely plenty of them throughout the game.  

I have never really been interested in games with subtitles as I get far too easily distracted so I can be sat reading instead of doing what I am meant to be doing which can often cause issues including me dying or being caught. These subtitles though didn't seem to have the same effect and I could actually read the subtitles and also play through the game with a bit more ease. I am glad that the subtitles are used too as the voices seemed to go quiet a few times so having the subtitles meant that I didn't have to worry about missing any of the really funny dialogue, the humour in the game is fantastic. 

Something I loved about this game though was the amount of save points on each mission which meant that when I died or got caught, which seemed to happen a lot I could easily pick up where the event happened and get back to trying to progress through the level instead of having it to go back and start from the beginning of it over and over again. The controls are nice and simple for this game too so I don't need to worry about going away from the game a while and forgetting what I need to press and when which is what happens with some games I play. The fact they are so simple also means that when I am playing I don't have to put too much thought in to what I need to press next. 

There weren't many issues in the game however, I did run into a glitch on the 2nd mission but by heading back to the main menu and restarting that mission the glitch was soon gone and I was back on my way with the game. There were a few times that the load screen seemed to take a while but not as long as some games I have previously played. At some points during the game I was getting a bit frustrated with things not going my way so I ended up passing the controller to Liam so he could help me get out of those tricky situations, although I did enjoy those less stressful bits a who lot more. 

Honestly I think I may actually go back and play this game to fully complete the missions as on this play through I was just playing to unlock the next mission which helped get me through the game a bit quicker too. The missions aren't that long especially is you are only going to do the basic parts of each one but it is very easily a game you can just jump in and out of as you please and once you have unlocked a mission you can go back to it as and when you please so you don't need to worry about having to play the full game again. 

This game is definitely a fun one and one you should try as you can get it for a very reasonable price lately. Have you played Destroy All Humans before? What did you think to it? 

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