The Xbox Series X 1 Month On

Well after missing out on a day one release in January we finally got our hands on the Xbox Series X, it has now been a month since we got the console and to be honest I am impressed already and there aren't that many Series X games that have been released yet, plus we need to pick up a couple as we have been holding off buying new games until we have completed some of the ones we already own. 

I am actually really surprised we managed to get the Xbox when we did as its availability has been really limited since day one, but luckily I had a sleepless night, went on Argos at 3am and by 4am I had one ready to collect when the shop opened. Who knew a lack of sleep could actually be beneficial. 

We decided to have the console vertical and placed at the side of our TV just like we did with our PS5 so now we have this generations console at either side of our TV unit, this is mainly as it was the only place they would fit and get a good air flow but actually it does look really good with them one either side and it is like the space was made for them.

As soon as it was plugged in and in the set up stage I could tell the difference between the Series X and the Xbox One, it was definitely noticeably quiter than the Xbox one and the ability to use the Xbox App to help set up really sped up the process. The initial updates did seem to take a while but with how our internet is I am used to things taking forever anyway so it wasn't too big of a deal. I have noticed that actually installing games is a lot quicker on this console too which is fantastic as it means I have more time gaming and less time waiting around for downloads to be complete. 

It is definitely nice having the console on and not having to listen to it sounding like it is going to take off like an airplane or explode, my Xbox One was a nightmare with the noise and more often than not I needed to turn my sound right up to drown out the sound of the console so it is nice now having minimal to no noise in the background and my game at a normal volume. I have noticed there was a bit of noise when I was installing some Xbox One games on the console but that soon dies down and it is back to normal. 

The user interface doesn't seem that different from the Xbox One which is fantastic as I love how easy that is to navigate. I haven't had change top play around on the interface properly and try out new features like quick resume but I am hoping I get to do that soon as I have heard great things about it. I also really need to get signed up to Gamepass as I have had a look to see what is available on it and it looks really good and could possibly save me plenty of money in the long run. 

The controller for the Series X isn't that much different to the one for the Xbox One however, the few differences there is it is definitely noticeable. One of the things I love about the controller now is the D Pad as I find it so much easier to use and it is a lot easier to switch between when I need it as it is like my thumb just glides over it. The grip on the back also makes it a lot more comfortable and is going to come in very handy when I am having those long gaming sessions. The actually triggers on the controller feel a lot better and easier to use too. I am actually finding this controller better and more comfortable than the PS5 controller as it doesn't feel as heavy and just fits in my hand a lot better. 

I am really excited to see what exclusives are going to be coming to this console during its lifespan as there is definitely a lot of potential for games on this platform. Unfortunately at the moment I haven't had the chance to play on the Series X as I would have liked due to working on the blog, been in the office and few days and having other things to do, I have really neglected gaming lately but I am really looking forward to having a bit more time just to sit down and play through my backlog and experience new games on the console as I know it is going to be very enjoyable after the time I have spent with it already. I just need to learn to manage my time a lot better and stop opting for one console more than others. 

If you have a Xbox Series X are you enjoying your time with it? 

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