January 2021 Favourites

Well that is the first month of 2021 over and done with and although it wasn't much different to the end of 2020 it has started the year off pretty well. For me at least it hasn't felt like January lasted 3 months like it normally does and although we were stuck inside for most of it I have actually stayed pretty productive in terms of my blogging. This has led to me having quite a few favourites that have helped me stay like this throughout the month and here are those favourites...  

Film & TV


YouTube is one of the main things that has kept me sane throughout January whether it is sitting downstairs and watching it, watching it laid in bed or even just having it on while I write blog posts. It is a nice distraction and background noise and no 2 videos are the same thanks to the types of videos I have been watching. 


Fifth Harmony 

For some reason throughout January I have had Fifth Harmony on repeat, I don't know if it is because to me it is such easily listening or if it is just because I still enjoy their music so much but it has been on repeat mixed with Lauren Jauregui's solo stuff. I have listened to this whilst blogging, whilst cleaning and whilst cooking it has been great and I aren't sure I will be stopping anytime soon. 


Macbook Pro 2020 
Once again the Macbook is on the list just because of how useful it has actually been due to me being stuck at home. I started off this 3rd lockdown just being sat at my gaming PC blogging but soon got fed up and lost motivation but then I started using my Macbook more often in different rooms and I became a lot more productive again. It is really fast at uploading images and is just so easy to use anywhere in the house. The battery life means I don't have to worry about having to move my charger everywhere with me either which is great. 


The PS5 is again on this list as it has become one of the most used items in the house lately and throughout the month I have absolutely loved playing on the console. It just provides such a good gaming experience and I can't see me getting fed up of it anytime soon. It is so much faster than the PS4 too which makes it more fun as I am actually spending time gaming instead of waiting hours for updates.



I have really got back into playing FIFA 21 again now it is installed and upgrade for the PS5. I aren't sure what it is but the game just feels so much better to me on this console than it did on the PS5 and the graphics are looking great. I have loved spending more time playing on Squad Battles and think I will definitely be putting a lot more hours into it too. 


Even though I have had a few issues with the Joy Cons whilst playing this game I have loved it and it was definitely one of my favourites I played through the month. I will have a post coming up about this game soon so I won't go into it too much but it is definitely nostalgic for me as growing up I loved Spongebob and this game is such an easy going game. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of January What have you been loving throughout the month?

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