Our Current Games Room Console Set Up

 One of the first things we actually bought for our house was this Lappland unit from Ikea for the games room. We opted for this one so that there was space for us to be able to display all our old consoles along with our new ones. It also gives us space to display a few of our collectibles in the cube or on top of the unit too. So here is what we have on our unit...

First up we have a LG 43" TV that I actually had in my old bedroom so it is quite a few years old now. It still works fine however, in the near future I would love to add a bigger LG TV with more up to date technology in it as this is the TV I do all my console gaming on. At either side of the TV we have our PS5 and our Xbox Series X, it was like these consoles were made to site at the side of our TV as they look perfect there and the image above doesn't really do it justice. 

Underneath the TV on the thinner shelves we have the Xbox One and PS4 which are eventually going to be moved downstairs but for now they are nicely tucked away on these shelves. These shelves are where we also keep any headsets. 

Then we are onto the cubes of the unit which are actually a really good size. This is where we keep our older consoles so we have the 360, PS3, PS2 and Nintendo Wii on here. Each cube has the console and any accessories in them and they don't look too cluttered however, I definitely need to work on the cable management of these areas. What I love about this set up currently is that it works its way up with the older consoles on the bottom, last gen in the middle and new gen on top. The only thing missing is the Switch which we moved downstairs as we needed more space for our boxing game. 

In the cubes on the side of the unit we have our PS2 games and a few collectibles on the top shelf which is slowly filling up, under that we have our Switch games which is definitely lacking and needs a few more additions. Then the bottom two are just filled with collectibles and Star Wars candles which we didn't have another home for. The bottom cube is definitely far too cluttered for my liking so I need to get that sorted. 

I do like this set up for our consoles but I think I would prefer to put some of the older ones and their games into storage and get a smaller TV unit for our PS4, Xbox One, Series X and PS5 and mount the TV on the wall. I think this will stop the room looking so decluttered and we could also add some smaller shelves for out items we have on the top of our current unit if they didn't fit on any new one we purchased. What do you think would you keep this big unit or go for something smaller? 

All I know is I need to declutter this unit and finally sort those cables out. 

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