What We Are Playing (26th March)


I think this is possibly going to be the quietest weekend we have for a while with Easter and birthdays coming up so I am hoping that this weekend we can have a bit of a relaxed one with plenty of games being played between the two of us. Last weekend didn't really go to plan as we were either busy or just couldn't be bothered to game so we still have plenty to be playing. Here is what we are hoping to play this weekend... 


I am still playing through Bugsnax as I haven't picked the controller up for a while so I am hoping that this weekend I can power through and make plenty of progress in the game. I also really want to make a start on Super Lucky's Tale too as I keep putting it off but I have high hopes for this game so it is time to give it a go finally. I will also be starting my island on Animal Crossing on my new Switch at long last too, fingers crossed I enjoy it a lot more now I can have my own island. 


It is going to be the same as the past few weeks for me as I haven't really played anything other than World of Warcraft lately. This weekend I will be carrying on playing more World of Warcraft whilst also jumping onto FIFA again now it is finally updated. I am also hoping to make a start on Borderlands 3 at last too as it is installed on the Series X ready to go. 

So there you have it that is what we are planning on playing this weekend. I wonder if Bugsnax can be completed at last. What are you playing this weekend? 

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