March 2021 Favourites

 That is March over and done with and once again it has flown by. March marked 1 year since all the Covid craziness happened in the UK with lockdown and distancing measures being put in place. It is crazy to think how the past year has been but it has been a great time of reflection for me. March has been a mixed month but has overall been a pretty good one in terms of getting things done on the blogs. So here are my favourite things from the month of March... 

Film & TV


Once again March has been a month filled with YouTube. I am basically watching it 70% everyday at the moment and aren't getting bored as I am discovering a lot of new channels to subscribe to daily. Whether it is gaming, tech, fashion or football I am loving it. 

Wizards of Waverly Place 
I have become hooked on Wizards of Waverly Place once again, I started watching it in February and now at the end of March I have completed all 4 seasons of it. Reliving my childhood has been absolutely fantastic, now I just need to decide what to move onto next. 


Demi Lovato

For the whole of March I seem to have stuck to listening to one musician and that is Demi Lovato. I don't know what it is but I just can't stop listening to her. No matter what I am doing if I put music on it is Demi rather than anyone else. I can't wait to listen to her new music over and over again just like I do with her back cataloge. 


Apple Watch 
My Apple Watch is something I wear practically everyday and I absolutely love it. This is one piece of equipment that is really helping me with my fitness goals as it motivates me to close my exercise and move rings and gives me a daily target to aim for. It is nice not having to check my phone every two minutes for notifications as I can just check my watch instead. 



I have finally managed to get FIFA 21 on the PS5 updated after what feels like forever so I have really enjoyed jumping back into my ultimate team and building up my squad battle rank to get new packs. I haven't played FIFA for a while as updates in this house take far too long so due to our internet speed. Now I just need to make sure I keep it updated so that I don't have to go so long without playing it in the future. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of March. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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