What We Are Playing (19th March)


It is finally the weekend again and other than taking my nephew his birthday presents we don't have much on once again. I think we will be having a nice chilled weekend with a walk possibly thrown into the mix but other than that I can't see us doing much else other than gaming and watching a bit of football. There aren't too many football games on that I am looking forward to watching this weekend so I definitely think I will be doing a lot more gaming than usual. Here is what me and Liam are planning on playing... 


I made a good start on Bugsnax last week and I am hoping that this weekend I can complete it if not get close to completing it. I only stopped playing last week as I was getting stuck over and over again on a main mission so I am hoping having some time away will help me make progress. Fingers crossed I can finally make a start on Super Lucky's Tale too as I didn't get around to that last weekend due to Bugsnax consuming my gaming time. I will also be starting my new island on Animal Crossing on my new Switch Lite which I am looking forward to as I am hoping starting this game again might help me fall back in love with it. A few quick games of FIFA are definitely in order too as I have neglected the game too much . 


It is going to be a week pretty similar to last week for me again as I haven't really added anything new to play. Just as I have done throughout the week I will be continuing to play some more World of Warcraft. I will also be playing a bit more Red Dead Redemption 2 as I haven't been on it for a while now. If I get chance I might finally make a start on Borderlands 3 too. 

So there you go hopefully it is going to be a gaming filled weekend for us and who knows we might get a game completed or at least close to completion. What are you playing this weekend? 

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