My Thoughts On The i17 Earphones A Few Months In

Back at the start of the year I posted an unboxing of the i17 earphones  which I got for Christmas from my parents and I have now had a few months to play around and get some use out of them and here are what I think about them...

One think I love about these earphones are that they are charged by USB and they actually charge pretty quickly. I tend to wait until they are close to dying and I will then charge them through my PC whilst I am blogging. Just a couple of hours on charge and they will last me about a week as I don't tend to wear them everyday at the moment. Just from how things are going at the moment I am hopefully that when I do start to wear them a lot more I wont be having to charge them every two minutes and I can be confident going out with them and not have to worry about them dying early on. They also show on my phone widget too alongside my Apple Watch so I can keep an eye on the battery levels during the day and not have to worry. I just need to simply swipe across to the widget and I can see how long they have left before they need charging, i didn't think this would actually show up though as they aren't actual Apple Airpods. 

They connect to both my iPhone 11 and Macbook Pro really easily too. Just simply turn Bluetooth on, tap and hold the side of the earphone to turn them on, once they are connected you will hear it say 'connected' and when you are done just do the same again to disconnect them. Through my time using them so far I have had no issues with connection dropping and it has been pretty plain sailing with them. I have noticed they are quite sensitive when I am putting them back in the case meaning sometimes I accidentally turn them back on but this doesn't happen too often as I have found I have got used to putting them back a specific way to make sure I don't turn it on when I don't need to. 

I was a bit worried about the fit of the earphones however, they have definitely surprised me as they are are a really comfortable fit. In the past I have struggled with earphones fitting me comfortably due to my ear shape and often they fall out too much which is why I haven't really gone for truly wireless earphones before. I have worked out in these as well as just sat down in them and they have only actually fallen out once which was certainly a surprise for me. The only reason they fell out was because I was laid down on my side so I definitely expected them to fall out on this occasion as all my previous earphones have done this too. It is going to be very easy for me to wear these for hours on end due to how comfortable they are so I know they are going to be my go to pair for a long time. 

They are really good in terms of sound quality too which is always great as that is definitely the most important part of earphones. I was a little worried that they might sound a bit tinny and not very good quality however, they are providing some of the best quality sound compared to my previous earphones. I used to use some Philips earphones and they were terrible and I honestly stopped listening to music through them for a while until I got my Bliiq ones, these probably are on the same level as my Bliiq ones which I absolutely love but I actually think I might love these i17's that little bit more due to them sounding a little bit better and actually being truly wireless. 

I am really glad that my parents got me these for Christmas as they are definitely going to come in handy for when I can get out and about more as I don't have to worry about untangling wires with them and I don't have to worry about them taking up too much space in my bag either when I aren't using them. Even in the house I find myself reaching for them more than I would with other pairs of earphones. It is safe to say I am going to get plenty of use out of these earphones over the next few years and I am looking forward to listening to my favourite music and podcasts through them. 

Do you have a favourite pair of earphones? 

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