Games I Have Played In The Last Year That Have Impressed Me

Before 2020 I struggled to find time for gaming thanks to football trips and other reasons but one good thing to come out of the pandemic is a whole lot more time to sit down and play games. This has been great as I have finally managed to play games that have been sat in my backlog for far too long. I haven't even purchased many new games lately as I am trying to reduce my backlog so the games in this post aren't going to necessarily be new ones as I am still sticking to my 3 complete 1 new in rule.

The games I have played have definitely impressed me and some have done this more than others. To say some of these games are actually pretty old it has been nice to just sit and lose plenty of hours into them and actually complete them. So here are the games that I have played in the past 12 months that have really impressed me...


I really enjoyed my play through of Spider-Man on the PS4 and Liam enjoyed watching so much he actually started his own play though. I bought this game ages ago for £15 and I am glad I did as it isn't a game to be slept on especially if you are a Spider-Man fan. I actually looked forward to just sinking hours at a time into this game as it was pretty easy going and the combat wasn't too difficult, even if I went away from it for a while I could always easily go back it without forgetting all the controls and needing to be recapped. I actually liked the game so much that Liam got me the Mile Morales ultimate edition for Christmas and I am actually going to replay the remastered edition of Spider-Man for the PS5.

Astros Playroom

To say that Astros Playroom was just a free game that came with the PS5 it certainly surprised me. To be honest at first I wasn't even bothered about playing it however, after seeing a lot of people raving about the game on Instagram and Twitter I thought I would give it a try especially with it only being a short game. The game definitely impressed me and I managed to complete it which I didn't think I would actually be bothered about doing. The game definitely showcase the PS5's capability which is fantastic and I think I would happily buy other games like these as I was that impressed by this one. 


This game had been sat in my Steam library for far too long unplayed as I honestly just couldn't be bothered installing it as I stopped playing on my old PC due to a sound issue and then I just struggled getting back into gaming on my PC when my gaming one arrived. Now I have actually rolled the credits on this game though I am actually quite annoyed at myself for putting it off so long as I got it done in 1 sitting and I really enjoyed it. I thought it was going to end up being too frustrating for me but luckily it wasn't and Liam was on hand if I did need any help. Now I can't wait to get through Portal 2 in the near future. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a PS4 game that I had in my backlog for over a year but never played due to me knowing it was going to take forever to install then constantly need an update however, when I did get around to sitting and playing the campaign I definitely wish I had done it sooner as it was great. It is definitely one of the more enjoyable campaigns from the franchise but then again I never really gave others a good chance as something else would soon come along and I would neglect Call of Duty once again. I actually really enjoyed playing through the campaign in the end as there was plenty to do and it didn't take forever to roll the credits on so who knows I might go back and play through those neglected campaigns yet. 

Tales from the Borderlands

To be honest this game only took so long to play due to our Xbox One being a nightmare, it was so slow and kept crashing so for a while it didn't get switched on at all meaning a lot of Xbox games went unplayed. I picked this game up for just £4.99 quite a number of years ago from my local Game store and now I have completed the game I can see just how much of a bargain it was. The game took around 8 hours to 100% and every minute of those 8 hours was an enjoyable experience. This was actually the first Borderlands game I played and now I want to go back and play them all as I enjoyed this so much. It has also made me want to try more Tell Tale Games too as I have some of those in my backlog too. 

I think if I didn't have all this time at home recently I wouldn't have played half of these games and they would have still been sat in my backlog being neglected. I am definitely enjoying playing a lot more games and discovering games that I would definitely have kept pushing back instead. I am so glad I finally got around to playing these games and I can't wait to complete even more throughout 2021. What games have you played recently that have impressed you?

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