March 2021 New In

I set out with every intention in March not too spend a fortune and really limit myself to things I needed but that didn't really go to plan. Yes I got myself some bits I needed but I definitely bought a few too many treats that soon added up. So here is what I picked up in March... 

I have spent a lot of time lounging around recently and my poor Primark joggers are looking a bit worse for wear now so I treated myself to a new pair and I am so glad I did as these are much comfier and a bit thicker than my others. I am enjoying just getting up throwing a pair of joggers and a t-shirt on and just gaming it definitely makes it a comfier and more enjoyable experience. 

I got my nephew a football for his 2nd birthday and had to get myself one too as I love the colours on it. My previous football has started to fall apart so its nice to have a shiny new one to go out in the garden with now. Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love football so this was a great but unnecessary purchase for me. 

Now something a bit boring. For so long I have had some awful light bulbs in the spare room which left me getting ready or blogging under an orange light so I finally got some daylight bulbs which has left the room looking bigger and brighter and it is much more enjoyable spending time in there now. There are plans to tech this room out in the future but for now these will do. 

Whilst I was in B&M I came across this Tracer Overwatch mini Funko Pop Vinyl for just £2.99 so I wasn't leaving it behind as Tracer is certainly my favourite from Overwatch. When I am next in there I am definitely going to look for others too as they are brilliant for the price. This is the perfect addition to my little Tracer collection.

When Street Power Football was first released I was tempted to pick it up but for some reason I held off buying it. So when I saw it was just £5 at Smyths Toys I decided to pick it up. This game features one of my favourite football content creators so there was no way I was letting it slip by. I love my football games so I am looking forward to trying this. 

Finally we have my biggest purchase of the month... my Nintendo Switch Lite. I had been wanting one of these for a while because I was struggling to play on handheld on our original Switch, it just felt too heavy and hurt my wrists. I am hoping that the Lite is going to be a lot easier to play on and help me get into playing Switch games once more as it is a console I have neglected far too much lately. 

So there you have it that is what I picked up in March, lets hope I don't spend a fortune next month as the shops start to reopen here in the UK. What is your favourite pick up for March? 

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