What We Are Playing (2nd April)

 The weekend is upon us once more and what makes it even better is that it is a 4 day weekend due to the Easter bank holiday. The 4 days means that Liam is also going to be at home for 3 of them so we can spend plenty of time together however, we all know that those 3 days together are going to be spent in the games room with one of us on the consoles and the other at their PC switching between them every now and again. The weather isn't looking too good either which gives us even more of a reason to just stay in and game. So here is what we are planning on playing over the long weekend... 


I am still working my way through Bugsnax as I have finally got passed the stressful part thanks to the help from YouTube, I didn't want to watch how to catch certain bugs but it was the only way I was ever going to progress. Fingers crossed over the long weekend I can finally roll the credits on this game and move onto the next one in my backlog. I have really got back into playing FIFA recently too so no doubt I am going to end up spending too many hours on that once again this weekend. I am also determined to make a start on my Animal Crossing Island at the weekend too as I seem to keep putting it off for some reason, I think this is going to end up being played whilst I am laid in bed either not wanting to get up or not wanting to go to sleep. 


Of course I am going to be playing World of Warcraft again over the long weekend because when I am I ever not playing that game, it seems to be my go to. I have also been enjoying playing FIFA a lot again lately so I will be jumping back into that over the course of the 4 days to carry on working through my season. Who knows this long weekend might also be the weekend when I finally make a start on Borderlands 3 too but we will see on that one. 

So there you have it that is what we are playing over the long weekend, I know it is going to be a nice chilled weekend and I can't wait for us both to just have a weekend together doing not a lot other than gaming. What are you planning on playing this weekend?

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