My Personal Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Completed So Far

For so long I would get a game play a bit of it and then move along to something else. It was rare that I actually fully completed a game as my attention would just be elsewhere and I would never head back to what I started. But since around 2019 I have been trying to combat it and work through my backlog which I started taking a bit more seriously when the first lockdown hit in 2020. I was sick of wasting money on games that never got played and missing out on some of the great experiences the games provided. I may have the PS5 but I am trying to carry on working through my PS4 games and earn those new games (3 games complete = 1 new game) as I don't want to end up creating a huge backlog for my PS5 too as it just seems like a waste to me now. So here are the my top 5 PS4 games that I have completed on the PS4 so far... 

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

This game is one of my most recently completions and although it only took me a few hours to roll the credits on I absolutely loved it. I picked the game up from Game in the sale just because it was Marvel and a steel book edition but it seemed to take me forever to finally get around to installing it which I am quite gutted about as the game was fantastic and I finished it in just 1 sitting which doesn't happen too often. I don't really play fighting games but the graphics and game play on this was great and it has actually made me more determined to pick up more fighting games in the future. 

Detroit Become Human

This game is one that I actually didn't want to end. I remember when I was playing through this I just couldn't wait to get home from work so I could carry on through my game and see where it took me. I loved it that much that I am tempted to go back to it one day to see if I can get a different ending. There was just something that hooked me on this game and it isn't often I get the feeling of wanting to rush home to play something but this game ticked all the boxes, I would love to find more games like it in the future so if you can recommend any please let me know. 


I didn't believe the hype around the Spider-Man game when it was released so I held off and picked it up when it had reduced in price. But I really wish I hadn't waited as this is probably the very best game I have completed on the PS4 so far it is just absolutely fantastic. There was just something I loved about swinging through the city and I didn't find the combat too difficult either which definitely helped me enjoy the game that little bit more. Even Liam started his own playthrough of the game after he had watched me playing it. To be honest I enjoyed this game that much Liam bought me Mile Morales for the PS5 but the edition with the remastered Spider-Man in for the PS5 which I am very tempted to play through again. 


This game was a freebie thanks to the free games you get each month with your PlayStation Plus subscription and honestly I think it would be a game I would happily have paid for too. It took longer for this game to actually install than it did for me to complete this playthrough but it had me gripped all the way through. I did only play this to achieve one ending but I might have to play it again some day soon to see if I can get a different ending. This game was certainly different to what I had played previously and it really did make a nice change. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

I have lost count of the amount of Call of Duty campaigns I have started and then just gave up on but at the start of the first lockdown I started the Modern Warfare campaign and got a little bit hooked, I don't think I actually played anything else whilst playing through this. For some reason this just had me hooked and I just wanted to sit and play this whilst I had nothing else to do, the story was great and I found it not too difficult either as I aren't really good at games that involve shooting. The only problem with this game for me was updates, it seemed like every time I wanted to play an update was required before it would let me on. Maybe I should go back and try complete some of the campaigns on the other Call of Duty games.  

These are only the top 5 games I have completed on the PS5 so far, there will be one coming up in the future with Xbox games & one with PC games as there have been some great ones on there too. There has been some fantastic games on the PS4 and I still have a lot of games in my backlog to play-through so who knows as I work through them this list may change but for now these games are definitely the best ones I have completed so far. What would make your top 5 PS4 games that you have rolled the credits on?

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