What We Are Playing (23rd April)


Well the weekend is upon us once more and after a busy weekend last weekend not many games got played as I spent 90% of the weekend outdoors enjoying the nice weather and the fact that things had started to return to a bit of normality with shops opening and being able to sit outdoors for a meal and a drink. That been said this weekend is going to be a change of pace as we have no plans and I am really looking forward to just relaxing ready for my first full week back at work and actually sit and enjoy games again as the past few weeks my head just hasn't been in it. So here is what we are hoping to play this weekend... 


With me not playing any games recently I have really been slacking in completing bits out of my backlog, I have even changed the dates of my 1 month game challenge too due to me not being in the mood to sit and game. I am really hoping that changes soon though and I will now be taking on the 1 month challenge in May and fingers crossed I can get some games finished. As for this weekend though I will be jumping back into Bugsnax as I have to admit I have quite missed playing this the past few weeks and who knows I might finally get it complete as I aren't actually that far from rolling the credits from the looks of things. I am also determined that this weekend is when I am finally going to make a start on Super Lucky's Tale too as I just keep putting it off but I really want to experience that so many others have spoke so highly of. No doubt I will be jumping on FIFA at some point too as that is the game I have been jumping in and out of a lot lately. Overwatch is finally updated now too so I will definitely be having a few games of that too. 


It is just going to be the usual for me as I will be spending most of my time playing World of Warcraft which is what I have been doing for a lot of the week too. I will also be jumping back into Red Dead 2 again as I am still working through that game and enjoying it. I have been jumping in and out of FIFA again recently so no doubt at some point this weekend I will end up on that again too. 

It is safe to say it is going to be a gaming filled weekend and honestly I can't wait to just sit and get lost in a random world for hours and just relax. Fingers crossed a new routine can be created where I can get back playing games, work and blog without feeling like I am neglecting things which is definitely what has been happening lately. Time is needed to just switch off and relax and that will definitely be taking place this weekend who knows we might even find time to jump onto Gears of War and start our co-op playthrough at long last. What are you playing this weekend? 

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