6 Month With The PS5... How Are We Finding It?

Well it is hard to believe but we have now had the PS5 for just over 6 month and what a 6 month it has been. It is unfortunate that over the past 6 month I have neglected gaming due to other commitments & just a sudden loss of motivation because I know I really haven't got to experience the full potential of the PS5 yet, I actually think Liam has gotten more out of the console than I have even though he would rather play on PC, he definitely seems to be enjoying the console every time he boosts it up and to be honest when I have played on it I have enjoyed it much more than when I have played on my PS4 over the past year. 

I will be completely honest and say that due to me lacking motivation and having commitments I haven't really been playing much meaning I haven't got all the benefits of all the features of the console. So far I have really only played Astro's Playroom which was amazing and really gave me a feel for the Dualsense capabilities. FIFA 21 which is an optimized version for the console but honestly I can't tell a difference and Bugsnax which honestly I can't make my mind up about but I am seeing some great graphics and a quicker load time. I am counting down to playing Miles Morales on the console though as I think that is going to be fantastic. 

I really liked the PS4 Dualshock controller but I have to admit I am loving the feel of the Dualsense a whole lot more as it seems to fit my hands a lot better there for making it a lot more comfortable for me. I love the haptic feedback on it too although I haven't experienced much of this yet but I think this could really make future games feel a bit better and more immersive for me. The only thing I aren't too keen on with the controller is the fact it is white, it just gets too dirty too quickly, on the plus side though new colours have been released and I am sure I will be picking one of those up very soon. 

The PS5 is definitely a whole lot quieter than my 500GB PS4, if I am in the spare room and Liam is on the PS4 in the next room I can hear it kicking in and it drives me mad but apart from the initial start up with a PS4 disc I can't hear the PS5 at all which is great especially when Liam is gaming late on a night when I am sleeping. The PS5 is practically silent which is just what was needed and I can finally hear my game play at a nice normal volume rather than turning it up to try drown out the sound of the console. 

Speed wise it is definitely faster too than the PS4 and I am no longer sat around for ages waiting for ridiculous loading times, well so far I haven't anyway. It is nice just been able to go and play games and not spend a long time waiting which used to happen as I only wait so long before giving up. The only issue I have had is downloads still taking far too long but that isn't due to our console that is just thanks to our ridiculous internet speed, if that improved so much more gaming could take place. 

I am still trying to get my head around the interface too with bits changing, I think if I played on the console more I would be OK but for now I am still just trying to get my head around it and remember where bits are. I need to stop pressing the PS button down to turn it off too as that is something I just can't get used to with it changing from how it was done on the PS4. I am loving the little activity cards that pop up when you press the PS button as I can easily see how far along each game I am like in Bugsnax I can see how much progress I have made to complete an objective which is great as I know how close to something I am before closing the game for the night, if I know something is 80% done I tend to just carry on until that bit is 100% which is great. I love how you can see achievement progress through this too as it means I can see if is worth carrying on to try achieve them too which to be honest doesn't happen very often. 

What I like is how PS Plus subscribers are getting PS4 games free each month and a PS5 game which is helping PS5 owners build their library early on and try games they possibly wouldn't have purchased for themselves. Like Bugsnax honestly I got that as it was free but I don't think I would have paid full price for it so I probably wouldn't have purchased that until later this year but thanks to my PS Plus I have managed to experience it already and I am so glad I have. I wonder how many other people have ended up loving a game they wouldn't have purchased for themselves? I am really looking forward to adding to my PS5 library over the coming years as there are some good looking games out already that I would love to pick up like Sackboy and there are future games coming out such as Ratchet & Clank, Hogwarts Legacy and so many more that I can see me picking up. I think a common theme is going to be me asking for games for my birthday and Christmas so that I get to experience all the great games without bankrupting myself as I am sure there are going to be plenty of fantastic games coming out in the future that really immerse you in the greatness the PS5 is more than capable of. 

With the difficulties people are still facing to get the console I am so glad we got ours when we did as when I am playing it I am loving it and I am more than determined to be playing it a whole lot more as I am trying to balance my time a lot better than previously with the world opening back up, I just need to make sure I aren't neglecting the Xbox Series X to play the PS5 all the time and I am going to try balance the time spent on each to reduce my backlog and stop myself gaining a current gen backlog.

Plus the PS5 looks great sat on the TV unit even though I wasn't too sure about the look of it at first. If you have the PS5 how are you finding it? 

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