What We Are Playing (28th May)


The weekend is finally here once again and it is one I am sure we are both looking forward to the weekend especially with it being an extended one for the bank holiday here in the UK, we also have the Champions League final to look forward to which I am sure at least one of us will be watching. Poor Liam doesn't have much to do this weekend whereas I have practically a full day out on Saturday and a trip to the rugby on Sunday. Liam will no doubt be spending all his free time gaming and I am hoping any spare minutes I get throughout the long weekend are spent in front of a game as I have really been slacking lately. So here is what we are both planning on playing over the long weekend and into next week...


I played a fair bit of Bugsnax during the week and I am hoping to play a fair bit more over the next few days. I think I have 5 villagers left to return to the village and then I am done with the game seen as I only play to roll the credits on the games. I am starting to get into this so I am hoping I can get it wrapped up over the weekend. I also recently restarted Let's Go Pikachu so fingers crossed I can get through a bit more of that over the weekend too as I have definitely missed Pokemon games. Fingers crossed this weekend there is time for me to start on Super Lucky's Tale too as I still haven't started that. 


It is the usual for me as I carry on playing World of Warcraft and I am sure I will enjoy every second I play again. I have really got back into football manager lately too so I will also be continuing my play through of that to see if I can lead my team to victory. These are the only two games I plan to play but who knows I could end up on a different game too. 

So that is what we are playing fingers crossed Bugsnax can be completed or at least close to completion. What are you playing this weekend? 

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