May 2021 New In

Well where has May disappeared to? It doesn't seem like two minutes ago since I was celebrating my mum's birthday and now we are starting a whole new month. It has definitely been a busy month as I have adjusted to being back at work full time, carried on with my work out routine and even managed a few days away. But it definitely hasn't stopped me spending and I have made some random purchases but some much needed ones too so I could finally make some much needed improvements to my set up. So here is what I have picked up in May... 

First up I finally renewed my PlayStation Plus membership, this was definitely long overdue but I made sure that May wasn't another month of missing out on the free games and the other benefits. I think this might be the first time I have paid full price for it too. To be honest I am just glad to have it back.

This was definitely the most random purchase of the month but one that can definitely come in handy. My sister tends to have a Halloween party every year so when I saw this Optimus Prime outfit for just £3 I thought I might as well pick it up in case she can have a party this year. To say it was only £3 it is actually really good quality and I am sure I will wear it this year or next. 

Whilst I was away I came across selling these Dragonball canned drinks so I thought I would treat Liam too one, of course I couldn't leave without one for myself too so I think I paid about £6 for 2 cans of drink that could be awful for all we know. But the cans are pretty cool and I am sure they will end up on a shelf in the games room somewhere. 

I finally gave in and purchased a new headset for myself at long last. I have been holding off due to the price for a while now but at the start of the month I finally gave in and bought myself the Steelseries Arctis 7 as my Razer headset that used to be Liam's was very worse for wear. Liam has this Steelseries headset and I know he has had a good experience with it so far so I gave in and I am loving it so far. But why do they have to be so expensive. 

Whilst in Asda a while back I cam across these PlayStation shorts, to be honest at first I wasn't too bothered about them but I ended up getting them ready for the summer weather. These are going to be perfect for lounging in when the weather gets warmer whether that is in the games room or the garden. These are a brilliant material and I can see them being my go to gaming session shorts from now on. 

To redo my gaming PC set up I finally bit the bullet and got one of the Ikea Linmon tabletops this was just £10 and it has already brightened up my little PC corner. It has surprised me how much this tabletop has transformer my little area.

I went for the £2.50 legs from Ikea too in white to add the bright colour theme. To say how cheap these are I am pretty impressed by them as they are nice and sturdy. 

I needed some new RGB lights for my set up too so I picked up these Govee lights from Amazon. I ended up getting these as you can control them from the hub, your phone or by a remote control. Already these are a million times better than the last ones I had as they are much brighter and they also stick to my desk a whole lot better. I can see these lasting me quite a while. 

To complete my set up for the time being I got a dual monitor arm to finally lift my monitors off my desk and create a bit more space. I am really impressed with how sturdy this is and how much free desk space it has actually created for me. I honestly wish I had picked one up sooner. 

So there you have it that is what I picked up in May, granted I haven't bought a lot but I still ended up spending a fair bit maybe next month I can control it a little bit more but who knows these days. What was your favourite pick up in May? 

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