What Is In My Work Bag

 Well I have to say it is definitely really nice being back in work lately and to be honest not much has really changed since before I went on furlough with the majority of the country in 2020. I seem to have slotted right back in where I left off which is fantastic as it meant I fell back into a routine very quickly. I still bring my backpack with me daily so that I can stay on top of things I would otherwise not have time for and it is fantastic as I can be at work and still be productive for my own things so nothing is neglected. 

My bag stays pretty similar each day that I go to work and here is what I take to work with me daily...


The Macbook is one of the first things I pack into my bag each day as it means I can do some blogging on my lunch time and a few other bits that require completing daily. I can blog, work on images, respond to emails and do so much more. It is great having this with me as it means I have that extra little bit of time during the day to do the little tasks so I don't have to spend all my evening doing it instead. The speed of the Macbook means I get plenty done and I love it.


My iPad is something I am trying to use a little bit more but it isn't in my bag daily, just every now and then instead. My iPad is very old and battered as it is a 2012 model so it barely even updates anymore but it is handy to have to use for notes and as a bit of a second screen. I think a new iPad might be a near future new purchase but for now I will stick with this one to help me out a little bit more. 

Tech Bag 

So I stay super productive I make sure I always have my tech bag in my backpack as it has everything I need such as my hard drive, memory cards and cables. This just means if I need to transfer something quickly I have all the tech I need to do so in one place. It is nice not having random memory cards just thrown into my bag as nothing goes missing anymore and I know I always have everything I could possibly need. 


My notebooks are where I keep my to do lists so I like to make sure I have at least one with me each day. I have 3 notebooks one for each blog so I tend to pack whichever blog I will be working on most that day so I can see what little tasks I have to do and can get done over the course of my lunch break. I could easily just fill these in when I got home but to get things filled out there and then is great plus it cuts back on my trying to remember what to do. 

Nintendo Switch

Just like with my iPad I don't take my Switch everyday however, I do take it with me when I don't fancy blogging as it means I just have something different to do. Not everyday I fancy blogging so just to have some games with me gives me a change and it means I get some extra game time rather than having to try juggle stuff around in the evening to fit gaming time in. Plus it means I aren't neglecting the Switch as much as I have been doing too. 


I always have my earphones with me just in case I fancy putting them in when walking to or from work. They are also handy for if I want to watch anything on my lunch break too or listen to music whilst I do some blogging. They don't take up much space either so I am more than happy to always have these to hand. 


I always make sure I have a bottle of water in my bag as I am going through so many lately. I will either have a bottle of flavoured water with me or just my reusable one with plain water in. Whilst on furlough I did really well at increasing my water intake so I was determined not to ruin that progress when I returned to work and so far I am still doing really well. 

Lunch & Snacks

I am trying my best to not spend a fortune at Tesco's or the local cafe each lunch time that is why I now make sure I have my lunch with me as much as possible, whether it is something warm or just a sandwich it is just nice to know I am now eating much better whilst saving myself money. I also make sure I have a snack for later on in the day too and usually I tend to pack a protein bar or something else low calorie. 

Keys, Wallet & Mask

I think it goes without saying really that I also keep my keys, wallet and mask in my bag. This just frees up space in my pockets throughout the day and means I know exactly where they are. So many times previously I have misplaced these items but lately I have been pretty good at remembering exactly where they are due to trying to keep them in the same places at all times.

So there you have it that is what I pack into my work bag on a daily basis. Having all these items definitely keep me nice and productive on my breaks and make my life a whole lot easier. I can see me having my bag like this for quite a while and only a few items changing. 

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