June 2021 New In

Well June has been and gone, what a strange month it was too. The weather was all over the place, we had a weekend away and the Euro's begun. I spent a chunk of the month ill too but as expected it didn't stop me from spending, as I tended to order a fair few bits online instead. The purchases for June have definitely been a mix and here is what I picked up...

Rashford is one of my favourite footballers soon as soon as I saw his book for £4.99 I knew I was going to be buying it. This is definitely aimed more at kids but I am really looking forward to giving it a read as I think it could be an interesting book. 

The warm weather is here which means plenty of drinks and any excuse to buy another bottle of alcohol. You can't beat summer evenings with an alcoholic drink for me these days and I decided to treat myself to a bottle of Aperol to have plenty of Aperol Spritz over the warmer nights. I think I am going to get through this nicely whilst having some gaming sessions or whilst I am out in the garden. 

Of course it isn't just cocktails I drink and some gaming sessions just call for a nice cold beer. I just had to pick up this Vocation beer from Tesco due to it being on their Clubcard offers for just a few pounds. Vocation are slowly becoming one of my favourite breweries so I can't wait to drink this one. 

I am starting to interview more and more people for my football blog so I am starting getting equipment to up my game on that front. I got this little filter for my new microphone to try ensure I get the best quality possible from my microphone and am producing the best quality content. 

In terms of a microphone after receiving a lot of recommendations I ended up picking up a Blue Snowball Ice. This was the one people claimed to be the best and it was a really reasonable price so I am looking forward to giving this a try. Who knows it may also be used for TNG Games projects in the future soon too. 

I ended up on a trip to the Zoo with my family in June too and treated me and my nephew to matching gorilla soft toys. I promised him before the trip I would get him something from the shop and he wanted us to get matching gorillas so who am I to say no. I am glad he picked this though as the gorilla is one of my favourite animals and its quite a cute soft toy. Now to decide if it lives in the games room or the spare room/office. 

After the Zoo we ended up at the seaside and I tried my luck on the claw machines. I usually have quite good luck on these and I actually ended up walking away with another soft toy this time around. I have always loved Tom & Jerry so as soon as I saw Tom in the machine I needed to try and I ended up walking away with him to the families surprise. This is definitely going into the spare room as it just looks so cute for the office set up. 

On mine and Liam's weekend away we called into game and I saw The Last of us Part 2 for just £14.99 so I wasn't going to leave it behind. I haven't even played the first one yet but at £14.99 I wasn't leaving it behind as I know I am going to get around to playing it soon and at this price it is a bargain. I can't wait to play this. 

Finally when I got The Last of us Part 2 I treated myself to Avengers on the PS5 too. I have heard mixed things about this game but I think I am going to enjoy it and get my money worth especially as I picked it up cheaper than I expected. Fingers crossed this game is going to be one I get around to playing soon. 

So there you have it that is the things I purchased in June. I aren't sure what my favourite purchase is as I have got some great bits but what is your favourite purchase from the month?

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